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Lamb's Fry

(Practical Cookery.) - (The Most Valuable And Original Receipts)

The heart and sweet bread are nice fried plainly, or dipped into a

beaten egg and fine bread crumbs. They should be fried in lard.

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Animelle Al Sapor Di Targone Lamb's Fry

Ingredients: Lamb's fry, ham, garlic, larding bacon, spice, herbs,

butter, flour, stock.

The lamb's fry should be nearly all sweetbread, and very little liver.

Lard each piece with bacon and ham, and roll it in chopped herbs and a

pinch of pounded spice. Then dip it in flour and braize in good stock,

to which add three ounces of butter, some bits of bacon, ham, a bay

leaf, herbs, and a clove of garlic with two cuts. Cook until the fry is

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Lamb's Fry

A really proper fry should consist not only of sweetbreads and liver,

but of the heart, melt, brains, frill, and kidneys, each of which

requires a different treatment. It is quite as easy to cook a fry

properly as to flour and fry it hard and over-brown, as is too

frequently done. Trim the sweetbreads neatly, and simmer them for a

quarter of an hour in good white stock with an onion. When they are done

take them up and put the brains in the gravy, allowing them to boil as

fast as possible in order to harden them; let them get cold, then cut

into slices, egg and bread-crumb them, and fry with the sweetbread in a

little butter. After the brains are taken out of the gravy, put the

slices of heart and melt in, and let them stew slowly until tender. When

they are ready, flour them, and fry with the liver and frill until

brown. Lastly, put the kidneys, cut in slices, into the pan, and very

gently fry for about a minute. Shake a little flour onto the pan, stir

it about until it begins to brown; then pour on to it the gravy, in

which the sweetbreads, etc., were stewed, see it is nicely seasoned,

and pour round the fry, which should be neatly arranged in the centre of

the dish. Garnish with fried parsley.

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