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Lamb's Sweetbreads

(Little Dishes Of Fish.) - (Nelsons Home Comforts)

These make an admirable breakfast dish, and can be partly prepared

over-night. Trim and wash the sweetbreads, put them into a saucepan with

sufficient well-flavoured stock to cover them, a minced onion and a

sprig of lemon-thyme; boil gently for fifteen minutes, or a little

longer if necessary. Take them up, drain, dip in egg and finely-sifted

bread-crumbs mixed with a little flour, pepper, and salt. Fry very

carefully, so as not to make it brown or hard, some small slices of

bacon, keep warm whilst you fry the sweetbreads in the fat which has run

from it, adding, if required, a little piece of butter or lard. For a

breakfast dish, the sweetbreads should be served without gravy, but if

for an entree the liquor in which they were stewed, with slight

additions and a little thickening, can be poured round them in the dish.

Calves' sweetbreads are prepared in the same manner as the above, and

can either be fried, finished in a Dutch oven, or served white, with

parsley and butter, or white sauce.

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