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(Belgian) - (The Belgian Cook-book)

Peel finely the rinds of five large lemons, or of six small ones, then
throw on it a pound of loaf sugar that you have freshly pounded, two
ounces of bitter almonds, chopped and pounded; mix these with two quarts
of the best Schnappes or Hollands, and add six tablespoonfuls of boiling
Fill your jars with this, cover it close, and put it in a passage or
hall, where people can shake it every day.
Leave it there for three weeks, and strain it through some blotting paper
into another bottle. It will be ready to drink.

Other Recipes

Fine Lavender Water

Two ounces finest oil of lavender, one ounce essence of musk, one-half

ounce essence of ambergris, one-half ounce oil of bergamot and one-half

gallon of rectified spirits. Mix the ingredients, keep in a demijohn for

several days, shaking occasionally. Then filter and bottle.

Other Recipes

Lavender Water

Turn a pint of alcohol slowly on to an ounce and a half of the oil of

lavender, two drachms of ambergris. Keep the lavender water in a

tight-corked bottle--it should be shook up well when first put in.

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