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(Soups) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Put a small piece of butter in saucepan and then six or eight leeks cut
in small pieces. Keep turning for about five minutes so they will get
brown; add water for amount desired; season with salt and pepper and put
in piece of stale bread. Strain through the strainer. Put in croutons
and serve with grated cheese.

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(Eight to ten persons)
Peel three pounds of vegetables. Put them in a large pot with all the
vegetables that you can find, according to the season. In the winter you
will take four celeries, four leeks, two turnips, a cabbage, two onions,
pepper and salt, two-penny-worth of bones, and about five and one-half
quarts of water. Let it all boil for three hours, taking care to add
water so as to keep the quantity at five quarts. Rub all the vegetables
through a tammy, crushing them well, and then let them boil up again for
at least another hour. The time allotted for the first and second cooking
is of the greatest importance.

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Scotch Leek Soup

You make this soup to most advantage the day after a leg of mutton has

been boiled, into the liquor from which put four large leeks, cut in

pieces. Season with pepper and salt, and let it boil gently for a

quarter of an hour. Mix half a pint of oatmeal with cold water till

quite smooth; pour this into the soup; let it simmer gently half an hour

longer; and serve it up.

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