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(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

Leeks are generally used to flavor soups, sauces and salads and are

seldom brought to the table as a separate dish. However, they are

semi-occasionally served as follows:--Boiled and dressed with a cream

sauce; or when two-thirds done are put to soak in vinegar seasoned with

salt, pepper and cloves, then are drained, stuffed, dipped in batter and


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1 bunch Leeks

1/2 pint Stock--2d.

Pepper and Salt

1/2 oz. Butter

1/2 oz. Flour

Lemon Juice--1/2d.

Total Cost--2 1/2 d.

Time--One Hour

Cut off the roots and green tops of the leeks and wash well. Put them
into a saucepan with the stock and stew very gently till soft; take
them up and put on to a hot dish. Put the butter into a saucepan, and
when it is dissolved stir in the flour, mix well, and strain in the
stock. Stir until it boils. Season with some pepper, salt, and a few
drops of lemon juice. Pour over the leeks, and serve.

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With carrots red, and turnips white,

And _leeks_, Cadwallader's delight,

And all the savory crop that vie

To please the palate and the eye.


Leeks are most generally used for soups, ragouts, and other made dishes.

They are very rarely brought to table; in which case dress them as

follows. Put them in the stock pot till about three parts done; then

take them out, drain and soak them in vinegar seasoned with pepper,

salt, and cloves; drain them again, stuff their hearts with a farce, dip

them in butter, and fry them.

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