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(Eggs) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Oatmeal, hominy, cracked wheat, and other cereals which are left over
can be added next day to the fresh stock, for they are improved by long
boiling and do not injure the new supply, or such as is left can be
molded in large or in small forms, and served cold with cream, or milk
and sugar. In warm weather cereals are nicer cold than hot. Cold hominy
and mush, cut into squares and fried, so that a crisp crust is formed on
both sides,--also hominy or farina, rolled into balls and fried,--are
good used in place of a vegetable or as a breakfast dish.
Any of the cereals make good pancakes, or a small amount added to the
ordinary pancake batter improves it.
Eggs and the foods into which they enter are favorite articles of diet
in most households. They are an agreeable substitute for meat and even
when high in price make a cheaper dish than meat.
A fresh egg should feel heavy, sink in water, and when held to a bright
light show a clear round yolk.

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