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Leg Of Mutton

(The Italian Cook Book)

(Cosciotto di castrato arrosto)

Before cooking see that several days elapse after the animal has been

butchered. This, naturally, according to the temperature. Beat it well

with a wooden mallet, then skin and remove the middle bone, without

spoiling the meat. Then tie it and give it a good fire at the beginning,

covering the fire when half cooked. Let it cook in its own juice and in

a cup of broth strained to remove the fat; nothing else. Salt when it is

almost cooked, but see that it is neither too well done nor rare, just

medium. Serve with its juice apart in a sauce.

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1 Leg of Mutton--1s. 3d.

1 Rasher of Ham--2d.

1 fagot of Herbs

20 Peppercorns--1/2d.

1 1/2 oz. Butter--1d.

2 Carrots

1 Turnip

1 Onion

1 quart Stock--1d.

Total Cost--1s. 71/2 d.

Time--Four Hours.

Put the butter into a saucepan, and when it is dissolved put in the
mutton and brown it all over; then lay the ham and vegetables round it,
pour in the stock, and bring it to the boil. Cover down closely, and
stand the saucepan in a moderate oven where it will cook slowly. If the
braising is being done by a coal fire the lid of the stewpan may be
reversed and some hot coals placed in it; these will want renewing f
rom time to time. In any case cook very slowly, then dish the meat,
strain the gravy, remove the fat carefully, and boil to a sort of half
glaze; pour round the dish, serve with Julienne or plain vegetables.

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Leg Of Mutton In Casserole

(Cosciotto di castrato in cazzaruola)

Take a shoulder or a leg of mutton and after having boned it, lard it

with small pieces of bacon dipped in salt and pepper. Salt moderately

the meat then tie it tight and put it on the fire in a pan that contains

a piece of butter and one large onion larded with clover. When it begins

to brown, take it away from the fire and add a cup of broth, or of

water, a little bunch of greens and some tomatoes cut in pieces. Put

again on a low fire and let it simmer for three hours, keeping the

saucepan closed, but opening from time to time to turn the meat. When it

is cooked, throw away the onion, rub the sauce through a sieve, remove

its fat and put it with the meat when served. The mutton must not be

overdone, for in this case it cannot be sliced.

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Leg Of Mutton

But hang it, to poets, who seldom can eat,

Your very good _mutton's_ a very good treat.


Cut off the shank bone, and trim the knuckle, put it into lukewarm water

for ten minutes, wash it clean, cover it with cold water, and let it

simmer very gently, and skim it carefully; a leg of nine pounds will

take two and a half or three hours, if you like it thoroughly done,

especially in very cold weather.

The liquor the mutton is boiled in, you may convert into good soup in

five minutes, and Scotch barley broth. Thus managed, a leg of mutton is

a most economical joint.

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Leg Of Mutton

A leg of wether mutton, (which is best flavored) may be known at the

market by a round lump of fat at the edge of the broadest part, a little

above the letter a. The best part is midway between the knuckle and

farther end. Begin to help there, by cutting thin slices to b. If the

outside is not fat enough, help some from the side at the broad end, in

slices from e to f. This part is most juicy, but many prefer the

knuckle, which, in fine mutton, will be very tender, though dry. There

are very fine slices in the back of the leg--turn it up, and cut the

broad end, not in the direction you did the other side, but lengthwise.

To cut out the cramp bone, take hold of the shank (which should be

previously wound round with half a sheet of fool's-cap paper) with your

left hand, and cut down to the thigh bone at g, then pass the knife

under the cramp bone, in the direction g, d.

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Leg Of Mutton

To give a leg of mutton the taste of mountain meat, hang it up as long

as it will keep fresh; rub it every day with ginger and coarse brown

sugar, leaving it on the meat.

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Leg Of Mutton In The French Fashion

A leg of mutton thus dressed is a very excellent dish. Pare off all the

skin as neatly as possible; lard the leg with the best lard, and stick a

few cloves here and there, with half a clove of garlic, laid in the

shank. When half roasted, cut off three or four thin pieces, so as not

to disfigure it, about the shank bone; mince these very fine with sage,

thyme, mint, and any other sweet garden herbs; add a little beaten

ginger, very little, three or four grains; as much cayenne pepper, two

spoonfuls of lemon juice, two ladlefuls of claret wine, a few capers,

the yolks of two hard-boiled eggs: stew these in some meat jelly, and,

when thoroughly stewed, pour over your roast, and serve it up. Do not

spare your meat jelly; let the sauce be in generous quantity.

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Leg Of Mutton Or Beef To Hash

Cut small flat pieces of the meat, taking care to pare the skin and

sinews, but leaving as much fat as you can find in the inside of the

leg; season with a little salt and cayenne pepper and a little soup

jelly; put in two whole onions, two bunches of parsley, the same of

thyme, and a table-spoonful of mushroom-powder. Take two or three little

balls of flour and butter, of the size of a nut, to thicken the sauce;

beat it well together; let this simmer a little while; take off the

scum; put in the meat, and let it boil. Serve up hot, with fried bread

round it.

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Shoulder Or Leg Of Mutton With Oysters

Make six holes in either a shoulder or leg of mutton with a knife: roll

in eggs with your oysters, with crumbs and nutmeg, and stuff three or

four in every hole. If you roast, put a caul over it; if for boiling, a

napkin. Make some good oyster sauce, which lay under, and serve up hot.

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