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Lemon Cream

(Creams.) - (The Cookery Blue Book)

1 large lemon, 4 eggs, 4 tablespoons sugar, 3 of water. Beat yolks and

sugar, add juice and rind of lemon, and water. Let simmer till it

thickens. Beat whites of eggs stiff with 2 tablespoons of sugar, and

stir into the custard while warm.

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Lemon Cream Sherbet

1/4 cup cream

2 tablespoons cold water

1/2 grain saccharine dissolved in

1/2 teaspoon cold water

4 drops lemon juice

Few grains salt

Mix ingredients in order given and freeze.

Other Recipes

Lemon Cream

Cream together the yolks of five (5) eggs and four (4) tablespoons of

sugar. Add the grated rind of one (1) lemon and the juice of one and

one-half (1 1/2) lemons. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of gelatine in a very

little water, while hot stir into the pudding. Let stand till it

thickens, then add the beaten whites of the eggs. Serve in individual

sherbet cups.


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Lemon Cream

Pare four fresh lemons very thin, so as to get none of the white part.

Soak the rinds twelve hours in half a pint of cold water, then add the

juice of the lemons, and half a pint more of cold water. Beat to a froth

the whites of eight eggs, and the yelks of three--strain the lemon-juice

and water, mix it with the eggs--set the whole on a few coals, sweeten

it with double refined sugar, stir it till it grows thick, then take it

from the fire, stir it till cold--serve it up in glasses.

Other Recipes

Lemon Cream No 1

Take five large lemons and rasp off all the outside; then squeeze the

lemons, and put what you have rasped off into the juice; let it stand

two or three hours, if all night the better. Take eight whites of eggs

and one yolk, and beat them well together; put to it a pint of spring

water: then mix them all, and sweeten it with double-refined sugar

according to your taste. Set it over a chaffing-dish of coals, stirring

it till it is of a proper thickness; then dish it out. Be sure not to

let it boil.

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Lemon Cream No 2

Pare three smooth-skinned lemons; squeeze out the juice; cut the peel in

small pieces, and put it to the juice. Let it stand two or three hours

closely covered, and, when it has acquired the flavour of the peel, add

to it the whites of five eggs and the yolks of three. Beat them well

with two spoonfuls of orange-flower water; sweeten with double-refined

sugar; strain it; set it over a slow fire, and stir it carefully till it

is as thick as cream; then pour it into glasses.

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Lemon Cream No 3

Set on the fire three pints of cream; when it is ready to boil, take it

off, and squeeze a lemon into it. Stir it up; hang it up in a cloth,

till the whey has run out; sweeten it to your taste, and serve it up.

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Lemon Cream No 4

Take the sweetest cream, and squeeze in juice of lemon to your taste:

put it into a churn, and shake it till it rises or ferments. Sweeten it

to your taste, but be sure not to put any sugar before you churn it, for

that will hinder the fermentation.

Other Recipes

Lemon Cream No 5

Pare two lemons, and squeeze to them the juice of one larger or two

smaller; let it remain some time, and then strain the juice to a pint of

cream, and add the yolks of four eggs beaten and strained; sweeten it,

and stir it over the fire till thick. You may add a little brandy, if


Other Recipes

Lemon Cream Without Cream

Squeeze three lemons, and put the parings into the juice; cover and let

it remain three hours; beat the yolks of two eggs and the whites of

four; sweeten this; add a little orange-flower water, and put it to the

lemon-juice. Set the whole over a slow fire till it becomes as thick as

cream, and take particular care not to let it boil.

Other Recipes

Lemon Cream Frothed

Make a pint of cream very sweet, and add the paring of one lemon; let it

just boil; put the juice of one large lemon into a glass or china dish,

and, when the cream is nearly cold, pour it out of a tea-pot upon the

juice, holding it as high as possible. Serve it up.

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