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(Fruit Jelly) - (Favorite Dishes)

From MRS. NANCY HUSTON BANKS, of Kentucky, Alternate Lady
One cup white sugar, one cup thick cream, whites of five eggs, two
teaspoonfuls baking powder, flour to make a stiff batter; bake in
small custard cups.

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Lemon Custard Pie

One cup sugar, three eggs, one cup milk, one tablespoonful flour, three

tablespoonfuls powdered sugar, juice and rind of one lemon. Beat yolks

of eggs and sugar; add juice and rind of lemon. Mix flour with the milk,

and pour through sieve into eggs and sugar. Line a deep pie plate with

good rich paste; pour in the mixture and bake in a quick oven thirty

minutes. Beat whites of eggs to a stiff froth and add three

tablespoonfuls powdered sugar, beating all the while. Put on top of pie,

and return to oven until a light brown.

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