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Lemon Dumplings

(Cheap Puddings, Pies, And Cakes.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

Sift eight ounces of dried bread crumbs, (cost three

cents,) mix them with the same quantity of very finely chopped suet,

(cost four cents,) pare off the thin yellow rind of a lemon, (cost two

cents,) chop it very fine, and add it with the juice to the bread and

suet; mix in half a pound of sugar, (cost six cents,) one egg, (cost one

cent,) and enough milk to make a stiff paste, about half a pint, (cost

two cents;) divide the paste into six equal balls, tie them in a floured

cloth as directed for BOILED APPLE DUMPLINGS, and boil them an hour.

Serve them with five cents' worth of butter and sugar, or syrup. They

will cost about twenty-three cents, and are really delicious.

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