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(Puddings And Other Desserts) - (The New Dr. Price Cookbook)

4 eggs
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 cup cooked prunes
Whip egg whites to stiff froth; add sugar slowly, beating continually;
add prunes which have been stoned and chopped; whip until very light.
Bake in pudding dish in moderate oven about 10 minutes. Serve cold
with whipped cream or soft custard made from yolks of eggs (see recipe
for Floating Island).

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Take one pound of sugar, yolks of eight eggs with two whole ones, the
juice of five large lemons, the grated peel of two, and one-quarter
pound of butter. Put the sugar, lemon and butter into saucepan and melt
over a gentle fire. When all is dissolved, stir in the eggs which have
been beaten, stir rapidly until it is thick as honey, and spread some of
this between the layers of cake. Pack the remainder in jelly glasses.

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Yolks of three eggs, and one cup of sugar, well beaten; one cup of
flour, one heaped teaspoon of baking powder; about one-half cup of
water, a little salt, whites of three eggs, well beaten.
JELLY.--Juice and grated rind of one lemon, one cup of sugar, one egg,
one cup of water, one tablespoon of corn starch dissolved in part of
the water. Put all together, and boil in a pail of water until it

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Lemon jelly, to spread between layers of cake, or on the top of sago
or custard pudding, is made by grating the rinds of two lemons and
squeezing out the juice; add a heaping cup of sugar, a tablespoonful
of butter. Stir these together and then add three eggs, beaten very
light; set the basin or little pail in which you have this in another
of boiling water; stir it constantly until it thickens. When it is
cold, it is ready for use.

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One-half box gelatine, one-half pint cold water, one-half pint boiling
water, one-half cup sugar, juice of two lemons.

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Lemon Jelly


Dissolve one package or twelve sheets of gelatine in a little warm

water. Then add three and one half pints of boiling water, one pound of

sugar and the juice of four lemons. Cool in a mould.

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Lemon Jelly

Soak one-half box of gelatine in one-half cup cold water; dissolve with

one cup boiling water. Juice of one lemon, one cup sugar, one pint

orange juice. Strain through a fine napkin. Put on ice to harden.

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Lemon Jelly

Put on a slow fire an ounce of white isinglass, pulled into small

pieces, and rinsed, a pint of water, with the rind of six lemons. Stir

it constantly till dissolved, then add a pint of lemon-juice, and

sweeten it to the taste with nice white sugar. Boil the whole four or

five minutes, then color it with tincture of saffron, and let it pass

through a flannel bag, without squeezing it. Fill your jelly glasses

with it when partly cooled.

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Lemon Jelly

Put the juice of four lemons, and the rind pared as thin as possible,

into a pint of spring water, and let it stand for half an hour. Take the

whites of five eggs; sweeten, and strain through a flannel bag. Set it

over a slow fire, and stir it one way till it begins to thicken. You may

then put it in glasses or dishes, and colour with turmeric.

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Lemon Jelly

One-half paper gelatine dissolved in one-half pint cold water

An hour; then add one pint of boiling water, juice of a lemon,

three-fourths pint sugar. Strain and set away to cool.

* * *

Other Recipes

Lemon Jelly

For plain lemon jelly, the mother will instruct the child to soak two

rounded tablespoonfuls of granulated gelatin in one-third cupful of

cold water for fifteen minutes. Then add two cupfuls of boiling water,

one cupful sugar, and the strained juice of two lemons. Pour in a

shallow mold to set and when ready to send to the table turn onto a

small platter and garnish with whipped cream, or serve with the custard

used for floating island.

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