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(Sweets) - (The Art Of Living In Australia)

1/2 lb. Flour--1d.

3 oz. Suet--1d.

1 Egg--1d.

2 Lemons--1d.

2 oz. Sugar

1/2 gill Water--1/2d.

Total Cost--41/2 d.

Time--Two Hours.

Sift the flour, chop the suet finely, and mix together. Stir in the
sugar and the grated rind of the lemons, beat up the egg, add the juice
of one lemon, and mix the pudding into a dough with this, and a little
water if required. Dip a cloth in boiling water, tie the pudding in it;
plunge into boiling water and boil two hours. Take out of the cloth and
turn on to a hot dish, and pour round it the following sauce: Squeeze
the juice of the other lemon into a small saucepan, stir in some sugar
and a gill of water, and boil up; it is then ready.

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One pound of raisins, stoned and cut in half.
One pound of currants, picked, washed and dried.
One pound of beef suet chopped fine.
One pound of grated stale bread, or, half a pound of flour and
half a pound of bread.
Eight eggs.
A quarter of a pound of sugar.
A glass of brandy.
A pint of milk.
A glass of wine.
Two nutmegs, grated.
A table-spoonful of mixed cinnamon and mace.
A salt-spoonful of salt.
You must prepare all your ingredients the day before (except
beating the eggs) that in the morning you may have nothing to do
but to mix them, as the pudding will require six hours to boil.
Beat the eggs very light, then put to them half the milk and beat
both together. Stir in gradually the flour and grated bread. Next
add the sugar by degrees. Then the suet and fruit alternately. The
fruit must be well sprinkled with flour, lest it sink to the
bottom. Stir very hard. Then add the spice and liquor, and lastly
the remainder of the milk. Stir the whole mixture very well
together. If it is not thick enough, add a little more grated
bread or flour. If there is too much bread or flour, the pudding
will be hard and heavy.
Dip your pudding-cloth, in boiling water, shake it out and
sprinkle it slightly with flour. Lay it in a pan and pour the
mixture into the cloth. Tie it up carefully, allowing room for the
pudding to swell.
Boil it six hours, and turn it carefully out of the cloth.
Before you send it to table, have ready some blanched sweet
almonds cut in slips, or some slips of citron, or both. Stick them
all over the outside of the pudding.
Eat it with wine, or with a sauce made of drawn butter, wine and
The pudding will be improved if you add to the other ingredients,
the grated rind of a large lemon or orange.

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From MRS. NELLIE B. PLUMER, of Pennsylvania, Alternate Lady Manager.
Two cups light brown sugar, one cup butter and lard mixed, one cup
sour milk, four eggs, one teaspoonful of soda, one quart
huckleberries. Make the dough as thick as jelly cake; bake three-
quarters of an hour in a moderate oven. Use wine or butter sauce as

Other Recipes

Lemon Pudding

(Budino di limone)

One big lemon.

Sugar, six ounces.

Sweet almonds with 3 bitter ones, six ounces.

Six eggs.

Cook the lemon in water, for which two hours will be enough. Remove dry

and rub through a sieve. Before rubbing, however, taste it, because if

it has a bitter taste it must be kept in cold water until it has lost

that unpleasant taste. Add the sugar, the almonds skinned and ground

very fine and the six yolks of the eggs. Beat the whites of the eggs and

add them to the mixture that will then be put in a mold and baked like

all other puddings.

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Lemon Pudding

Grate the rind of two fresh lemons, being careful not to grate any off

the white part. Squeeze the juice out of the lemons, and strain it, to

separate it from the seeds. Mix it with six large spoonsful of fine

white sugar. Take a quart of milk, and mix it with the rind of the

lemons, a couple of table-spoonsful of pounded crackers, and a

table-spoonful of melted butter. Beat six eggs to a froth, and stir them

into the milk. Stir in the lemon-juice and sugar last, and then turn the

whole into a pudding dish that has a lining and rim of puff paste. Bake

it from twenty-five to thirty minutes. It should not be eaten till it is


Other Recipes

Lemon Pudding

Take two large lemons; peel them thin, and boil them in three waters

till tender; then beat them in a mortar to a paste. Grate a penny roll

into the yolks and whites of four eggs well beaten, half a pint of milk,

and a quarter of a pound of sugar; mix them all well together; put it

into a basin well buttered, and boil it half an hour.

Other Recipes

Small Lemon Puddings

One pint of cream, one spoonful of fine flour, two ounces of sugar, some

nutmeg, and the yolks of three eggs; mix all well together; and stick in

two ounces of citron. Bake in tea-cups in a quick oven.

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