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Lemon Snow

(Dessert Dishes.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

Soak one ounce of gelatine, (cost eight cents,) in one pint

of cold water for half an hour; peel the yellow rind from three lemons,

(cost six cents,) and squeeze and strain their juice; put the rind and

juice of the lemons into a saucepan with eight ounces of loaf sugar,

(cost eight cents,) and stir until the sugar and isinglass are quite

dissolved; pour it into a bowl, and let it cool, and begin to grow firm.

Then add the whites of three eggs, (cost three cents,) and beat to a

stiff froth. Pile by the tablespoonful high in the centre of a glass

dish. It is pretty and delicious, and costs only about twenty-five


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