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(German) - (Pennsylvania Germans)

Boil two cups of granulated sugar and one cup of water together for a
few minutes until the sugar is dissolved, then add the juice of six
well-scrubbed, medium-sized lemons; let come to a boil and add the
grated yellow rind of three of the lemons. Be careful not to use any
of the white skin of the lemons, which is bitter. Put in air-tight
glass jars. This quantity fills one pint jar. A couple tablespoonfuls
added to a tumbler partly filled with water and chipped ice makes a
delicious and quickly prepared drink on a hot day.

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Lemon Syrup


One pound powdered frosting sugar, one quarter pound tartaric acid, one

quarter pound carbonate of soda, forty drops essence of lemon. Add the

latter to the sugar, mix well. Having dried it well pass it through a

sieve, and keep in a closely corked bottle. A teaspoonful will suffice

for a tumbler of water.

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Lemon Syrup


Two ounces citric acid, one ounce tartaric acid, one half ounce epsom

salts, five pounds white sugar. Grate the rind of three lemons, juice of

six lemons, three pints boiling water, when cold add the whites of two

eggs well beaten, strain through muslin, and then bottle.

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Lemon Syrup


One quart juice of fresh lemons, the yellow skin only of six lemons, one

quart boiling water, four pounds white sugar. Let it stand for

twenty-four hours. If not quite dissolved melt over a gentle heat.

Filter through a jelly bag and bottle tightly corked, will keep for

three months in a cool place.

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Lemon Syrup

(Sciroppo di limone)

Three big lemons.

One and a half pound of sugar.

A tumbler of water.

Skin the lemons, removing the internal pulp without squeezing it and

taking off all seeds.

Put the water on the fire with the skin of one of the lemons cut in a

thin ribbon like strip with a small knife. When the water is near

boiling put in the sugar then remove the lemon skin and immerse the pulp

of the three lemons. Boil until the syrup is condensed and cooked right,

which is known by the pearls that it makes boiling and the color of

white wine that it acquires. Preserve in a bottle, and when needed,

dilute in a tumbler of ice water. A small quantity will make a

delightful beverage.

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Lemon Syrup

Pare thin the rind of fresh lemons, squeeze out the juice, and to a pint

of it, when strained, put a pound and three-quarters of sugar, and the

rind of the lemons. Dissolve the sugar by a gentle heat, skim it clear,

then let it simmer gently eight or ten minutes--strain it through a

flannel bag. When cool, bottle, cork, and seal it tight, and keep it in

a cool place.

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Orange And Lemon Syrup

To each pint of juice, which must be put into a large pan, throw a pound

and a half of sugar, broken into small lumps, which must be stirred

every day till dissolved, first carefully taking off the scum. Let the

peel of about six oranges be put into twelve quarts, but it must be

taken out when the sugar is melted, and you are ready to bottle it.

Proceed in the same way with lemon, only taking two pounds of sugar to a

pint of juice.

Other Recipes

Lemon Syrup

Boil a pound of fine loaf sugar in a pint-and-a-half of water. Remove

all scum as it rises, and continue boiling gently until the syrup begins

to thicken and assumes a golden tinge, then add a pint of strained

lemon-juice or a packet of Nelson's Citric Acid dissolved in water, and

allow both to boil together for half-an-hour. Pour the syrup into a jug,

to each pint add one-twelfth part of a bottle of Nelson's Essence of

Lemon, and when cold bottle and cork well.

The juice of Seville oranges may be made into a syrup in the same way as

that of lemons, or lemon and orange juice may be used in equal

quantities. These syrups are useful for making summer drinks, and for

invalids as lemonade or orangeade.

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