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(General Remarks.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Grate the peel of six lemons, add the juice of one, with a quarter of
a pound of pounded almonds, a quarter of a pound of preserved lemon
and orange peel, half a pound of powdered white sugar, and six eggs
well beaten, mix all together, and bake in a dish lined with a fine

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Make a rich crust and bake in small spring form. Beat three whole eggs
and yolks of three very light with one cup of sugar. Add juice of three
lemons and grated rind of one, and juice of one orange. Put whole on
stove and stir until it comes to a boil. Put on baked crust, spread a
meringue made of the remaining three whites and three tablespoons of
sugar on top, and put in oven to brown. May be used as a filling for

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One cup of white sugar, one grated lemon, whites of three eggs beaten
to a froth, and butter the size of a walnut. Put on stove; let come
to a boiling heat, but not boil. Stir in whites of eggs the last
thing, and put in tart shells.

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Lemon Tarts

1 egg beaten stiff, add 1 cup sugar, and juice and rind of 1 lemon. Line

your patty pans with pastry, then put in the lemon mixture and bake.

This will make about six tarts. This same idea may be used, and in place

of lemon put any kind of jam (about a tablespoonful), and when cold add

whipped cream to the top.

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Lemon Tart

A quarter of a pound of almonds blanched and beaten with a little sweet

cream; put in half a pound of sugar, the yolks only of eight eggs, half

a pound of butter, the peel of two lemons grated. Beat all together fine

in a mortar; lay puff paste about the dish; bake it half an hour.

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