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Half-a-teaspoonful of Nelson's Citric Acid dissolved in a quart of

water, with a sliced lemon and sweetened with sugar, forms a good

lemonade, and is a cooling and refreshing drink. A small pinch of the

Citric Acid dissolved in a tumbler of water with a little sugar and a

pinch of bicarbonate of potash, makes an effervescing draught. These

acidulated drinks are exceedingly useful for allaying thirst; and as

refrigerants in feverish and inflammatory complaints they are


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Pare and grate a ripe pineapple; add the juice of four lemons and a
syrup made by boiling together for a few minutes two cups of sugar and
the same quantity of water. Mix and add a quart of water. When quite
cold strain and ice. A cherry, in each glass is an agreeable addition,
as are a few strawberries or raspberries.

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Wash two lemons and squeeze the juice; mix thoroughly with four
tablespoons of sugar, and when the sugar is dissolved add one quart of
water, cracked ice, and a little fresh fruit or slices of lemon if
If the cracked ice is very finely chopped and put in the glasses just
before serving it will make a better-looking lemonade. When wine is used
take two-thirds water and one-third wine.

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Dissolve in one quart of boiling water two cups of granulated sugar, add
three-fourths of a cup of lemon juice, and lastly, one and a half pints
of milk. Drink hot or cold with pounded ice.

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Break two eggs and beat the whites and yolks separately. Mix juice of
two lemons, four tablespoons of sugar, four cups of water and ice as for
lemonade; add the eggs; pour rapidly back and forth from one pitcher to
another and serve before the froth disappears.

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Take the juice of four lemons, twelve tablespoons of sugar, eight cups
of water, one cup of maraschino liquor and a few cherries.

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How To Make Lemonade

Proceed in all particulars as directed for making orangeade, using, for

the purpose, lemons instead of oranges.

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Egg Lemonade 192 Calories

1 egg

2 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1 cup cold water

Beat the egg thoroughly, add the sugar and lemon juice; pour in

gradually the water, stirring until smooth and well mixed. Strain and

serve. Two tablespoons of sherry or port may be added if desired.

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Lemonade No 1

To two quarts of water take one dozen lemons; pare four or six of them

very thin, add the juice to the water, and sweeten to your taste with

double-refined sugar. Boil a quart of milk and put into it; cover and

let it stand all night, and strain it through a jelly-bag till it runs

clear. Leave the lemon-pips to go into the bag with the other


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Lemonade No 2

The peel of five lemons and two Seville oranges pared very thin, so that

none of the white is left with it; put them in a basin, with eight

ounces of sugar and a quart of boiling water. Let it stand all night,

and in the morning squeeze the juice to the peels, and pick out the

seeds; then put to it a quarter of a pint of white wine; stir all well

together; add half a pint of boiling milk, and pour it on, holding it up

high. Let it stand half an hour without touching it; then run it through

a jelly-bag.

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Lemonade No 3

Three quarts of spring water, the juice of seven lemons peeled very

thin, the whites of four eggs well beaten, with as much loaf-sugar as

you please: boil all together about half an hour with half the

lemon-peel. Pour it through a jelly-bag till clear. The peel of one

Seville orange gives it an agreeable colour.

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