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Lemons No 1

(Pickles.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Cut the lemons through the yellow rind only, into eight parts; then put

them into a deep pan, a layer of salt and a layer of lemons, so as not

to touch one another; set them in the chimney corner, and be sure to

turn them every day, and to pack them up in the same manner as before.

This you must continue doing fifteen or sixteen days; then take them out

of the salt, lay them in a flat pan, and put them in the sun every day

for a month; or, if there should be no sun, before the fire; then put

them in the pickle; in about six months they will be fit to eat. Make

the pickle for them as follows: Take two pounds of peeled garlic, eight

pods of India pepper, when it is green; one pound and a half of ginger,

one pound and a quarter of mustard seed, half an ounce of turmeric; each

clove of the garlic must be split in half; the ginger must be cut in

small slices, and, as no green ginger can be had in Europe, you must

cover the ginger with salt in a clean earthen vessel, until it is soft,

which it will be in about three weeks, or something more, by which means

you may cut it as you please; the mustard seed must be reduced, but not

to powder, and the turmeric pounded fine: mix them well together, and

add three ounces of oil of mustard seed. Put these ingredients into a

gallon of the best white wine vinegar boiled; then put the whole upon

the lemons in a glazed jar, and tie them up close. They will not be fit

in less than six months. When the vinegar is boiled, let it stand to be

cold, or rather lukewarm, before you put it to the lemons, and if you

use more than a gallon of vinegar, increase the quantity of each

ingredient in proportion. Strictly observe the direction first given, to

let the lemons lie in salt fifteen or sixteen days, to turn them every

day, and to let them be thoroughly dry before you put the pickle to

them; it will be a month at least before they are sufficiently dry.

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