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Lemons No 2

(Pickles.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take twelve lemons pared so thin that not the least of the whites is to

be seen; slit them across at each end, and work in as much salt as you

can, rubbing them very well within and without. Lay them in an earthen

pan for three or four days, and strew a good deal of salt over them;

then put in twelve cloves of garlic, and a large handful of horseradish;

dry the lemons with the salt over them in a very slow oven, till the

lemons have no moisture in them, but the garlic and the horseradish must

not be dried so much. Then take a gallon of vinegar, cloves, mace, and

nutmegs, broken roughly, half an ounce of each, and the like quantity of

cayenne pepper. Give them a boil in the vinegar; and, when cold, stir in

a quarter of a pound of flour of mustard, and pour it upon the lemons,

garlic, &c. Stir them every day, for a week together, or more. When the

lemons are used in made dishes, shred them very small; and, when you use

the liquor, shake it before you put it to the sauce, or in a cruet. When

the lemons are dried, they must be as hard as a crust of bread, but not


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