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Lemons No 4

(Pickles.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Quarter the lemons lengthwise, taking care not to cut them so low as to

separate; put a table-spoonful of salt into each. Set them on a pewter

dish; dry them very slowly in a cool oven or in the sun; they will take

two or three weeks to dry properly. For a dozen large lemons boil three

quarts of vinegar, with two dozen peppercorns, two dozen allspices, and

four races of ginger sliced. When the vinegar is cold, put it, with the

lemons, the ingredients, and all the salt, into a jar; add a quarter of

a pound of flour of mustard and two dozen cloves of garlic; the garlic

must be peeled and softened in scalding water for a little while, then

covered with salt for three days, and dried before it is put into the

jar. Let the whole remain for two months closely tied down and stirred

every day; then squeeze the lemons well; strain and bottle the liquor.

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