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(Vegetables) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

If lettuce has grown until rather too old for salad, it may be cooked,
and makes a fairly palatable dish.

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Put fresh lettuce leaves, washed and dried, between thin layers of
bread. Spread with Mayonnaise or Boiled Dressing.

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Proceed as with spinach, substituting lettuce for spinach.

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Wash four or five heads of lettuce, carefully removing thick, bitter
stalks and retaining all sound leaves. Cook in plenty of boiling salted
water for ten or fifteen minutes, then blanch in cold water for a minute
or two. Drain, chop lightly, and heat in stew-pan with some butter, and
salt and pepper to taste. If preferred, the chopped lettuce may be
heated with a pint of white sauce seasoned with salt, pepper, and grated
nutmeg. After simmering for a few minutes in the sauce, draw to a cooler
part of the range and stir in the well-beaten yolks of two eggs.

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Rub the yolks of two hard-boiled eggs to a paste, adding one teaspoon of
salad oil or melted butter, being careful to add only a few drops at a
time. Add one-half teaspoon salt, one-half teaspoon of prepared mustard,
very little pepper, two tablespoons of white sugar. Stir very hard, then
pour in gradually one-half teacup of vinegar.

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The French style of making lettuce salad is as follows: After dressing
the salad, mix it in one tablespoon of oil, then take only two
tablespoons of white wine vinegar, mixed with a very little pepper and
salt, and just turn the lettuce over and over in this mixture.

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No. 33. Zuppa d' Erbe (Lettuce Soup)

Ingredients: Stock, sorrel, endive, lettuce, chervil, celery,
carrot, onion, French roll, Parmesan cheese.
Boil the following vegetables and herbs in very good stock for an
hour: Two small bunches of sorrel, a bunch of endive, a lettuce, a
small bunch of chervil, a stick of celery, a carrot and an onion,
all well washed and cut up. Then put some slices of toasted French
roll into a tureen and pour the above soup over them. Serve with
grated Parmesan handed separately.

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Remove the outside leaves from one head of lettuce; wash, dry, and
with a very sharp knife cut them into shreds. Chop sufficient onion to
make a tablespoonful. Put a tablespoonful of butter into a saucepan,
add the onion, shake until the onion is soft, then add six eggs,
beaten without separating until well mixed, but not light. Add a half
teaspoonful of salt, a half saltspoonful of pepper and the shredded
lettuce. Stir with a fork until the eggs are "set," turn at once onto
a heated platter, garnish with triangular pieces of toast and send to
the table.

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2 Lettuces--1d.

1 tablespoonful Condensed Milk

2 teaspoonful Mustard--1d.

2 Eggs--2d.

1/2 gill Vinegar--1/2d.

1/4 gill Oil

Pepper and Salt--1/2d.

Total Cost--5d.

Boil the eggs hard; take the yolk of one and put it into a basin and
work it quite smooth with a spoon. Then add the mustard made with
vinegar instead of water, the condensed milk, pepper, and salt, and
then the oil slowly; last of all the vinegar. Mix it all very
thoroughly. Cut off the outside leaves of the lettuce, and pull it all
to pieces, wash in cold water and dry thoroughly in a cloth. Break into
small pieces and put into a salad bowl, pour over the dressing. Garnish
with the other egg and the white that was not used in the dressing.
These should be cut into slices and placed round. A few of the best
pieces of lettuce should be laid over the dressing.

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4 Lettuces--3d.

1 oz. Butter


Pepper and Salt--1d.

Total Cost--4d.

Time--Half an Hour

Wash the lettuces very thoroughly and lay them in salt and water for
half an hour. Plunge them into plenty of boiling water seasoned with
salt and a quarter of a teaspoonful of carbonate of soda. Boil quickly
without the lid from fifteen to twenty minutes, take up and squeeze all
the water from them. Chop them up and put into a saucepan with some
butter, nutmeg, pepper and salt, and a few drops of lemon juice; stir
them about and cook for about five minutes. Turn into a hot dish and

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Add to the above dressing just before serving, one pound of crisp
lettuce, cut in one-half inch squares, or sliced fine. Garnish the
dish or dishes with the white of the egg, chopped fine, to which add
the thin slices of two or three small radishes.

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