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(Salads And Sauces) - (The Art Of Living In Australia)

2 Lettuces--1d.

1 tablespoonful Condensed Milk

2 teaspoonful Mustard--1d.

2 Eggs--2d.

1/2 gill Vinegar--1/2d.

1/4 gill Oil

Pepper and Salt--1/2d.

Total Cost--5d.

Boil the eggs hard; take the yolk of one and put it into a basin and
work it quite smooth with a spoon. Then add the mustard made with
vinegar instead of water, the condensed milk, pepper, and salt, and
then the oil slowly; last of all the vinegar. Mix it all very
thoroughly. Cut off the outside leaves of the lettuce, and pull it all
to pieces, wash in cold water and dry thoroughly in a cloth. Break into
small pieces and put into a salad bowl, pour over the dressing. Garnish
with the other egg and the white that was not used in the dressing.
These should be cut into slices and placed round. A few of the best
pieces of lettuce should be laid over the dressing.

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Add to the above dressing just before serving, one pound of crisp
lettuce, cut in one-half inch squares, or sliced fine. Garnish the
dish or dishes with the white of the egg, chopped fine, to which add
the thin slices of two or three small radishes.

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French Lettuce Salad.

Take 1 cup of boiled rice and mix with 3 beaten eggs. Then sift 1/2
cup of flour with 1 teaspoonful of baking-powder and a pinch of salt.
Add some sugar to taste. Beat to a light thick batter and fry a
spoonful at a time in boiling lard. Sprinkle with pulverized sugar and
serve hot with cooked fruit.

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Lettuce Salad

Lettuce leaves whole or shredded are served with vinegar, salt, pepper,

mustard and a little sugar, or with a French or mayonnaise dressing; or

it is shredded and mixed with veal and egg, sweetbreads, shrimps, cress,

cucumber, tomatoes or other salad material and is treated with the

various salad dressings, mentioned above.

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Lettuce Salad

Remove the outer leaves from a large, solid head of lettuce. Tear each

leaf into three or four pieces; put them into a towel and on ice or in a

cold place. When wishing to serve, put into a bowl, mix one

tablespoonful vinegar, one-half teaspoonful salt and one-quarter

teaspoonful pepper and sprinkle over the lettuce; stir well, add four

tablespoonfuls thick, sweet cream and mix quickly. Serve at once.

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Wilted Lettuce Salad

Wash two heads of lettuce and lay them on ice until wanted, then cut in

small bits and lay in salad dish, adding salt. Heat two tablespoons of

olive oil and pour over the lettuce. To one half cup of white wine

vinegar add one teaspoon of sugar, one half teaspoon of Armour's Extract

of Beef, one tablespoon of mayonnaise dressing. Pour over the lettuce

and garnish with slices of hard-boiled eggs.--LOUISE MALLOY, 464 BAYOU


Other Recipes

Celeriac And Lettuce Salad

Boil two or three celery roots in water with a little salt until tender;

drain and let them get cold. Cut them in thin slices, make a nest of

crisp lettuce and put the celery slices in the center. Serve with a

French dressing.

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Raw Jerusalem Artichokes And Lettuce Salad

Wash and peel the artichokes, cut in very thin slices and put into an

earthen bowl with vinegar and water with a lump of ice in it. The

vinegar will prevent them from turning dark. When ready to serve, place

in the center of nice, fresh lettuce and serve with a French dressing.

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