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Lettuce Soup

(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

Use three small lettuce heads, clean, drain, chop and put into a

saucepan with a tablespoonful of butter, cover and let steam for a few

minutes, then add two quarts of good soup stock or one quart each of

stock and milk, add a half-cup of rice and boil until the rice is soft.

Strain through a sieve, or not, as one fancies, season with salt,

pepper, return to the fire, add a pint of cream, let it come just to the

boiling point and serve.

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Proceed as with spinach, substituting lettuce for spinach.

Other Recipes

Zuppa D' Erbe Lettuce Soup

Ingredients: Stock, sorrel, endive, lettuce, chervil, celery, carrot,

onion, French roll, Parmesan cheese.

Boil the following vegetables and herbs in very good stock for an hour:

Two small bunches of sorrel, a bunch of endive, a lettuce, a small bunch

of chervil, a stick of celery, a carrot and an onion, all well washed

and cut up. Then put some slices of toasted French roll into a tureen

and pour the above soup over them. Serve with grated Parmesan handed


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