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(Luncheon And Other Dishes) - (The New Dr. Price Cookbook)

Husk corn, removing all silk. Put into fresh boiling water to cover
and boil rapidly for 5 minutes. Remove from water and serve on platter
covered with napkin.

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Cover the shelled beans with boiling water; bring to a boil quickly;
then let them simmer slowly till tender. Drain and add salt, pepper and
butter or hot cream or cream sauce.

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Wash one pound of dried Lima beans, let soak overnight. Drain, add fresh
water, bring quickly to the boiling point, then let simmer until
tender. Add salt and paprika. Heat two tablespoons of poultry or beef
fat in a spider, add two tablespoons of flour, when brown add one cup of
bean liquid, and the beans. Let simmer and bake in casserole one-half
hour. Reserve the bean broth and add more if necessary.

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Lima Beans

After shelling a quart of lima beans, cook in boiling salted water until

tender, then stir in a lump of butter the size of an egg and pepper and

salt to taste; or season with milk or cream, butter, salt and pepper, or

melt a piece of butter the size of an egg, mix with it an even

teaspoonful of flour, and a little meat broth to make a smooth sauce.

Put the beans in the sauce and let them simmer very slowly for fifteen

minutes. Just before serving add a tablespoonful of chopped parsley and

salt and pepper to taste.

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Lima Beans

Now fragrant with the _bean's_ perfume,

Now purpled with the pulse's bloom,

Might well with bright allusions store me;

But happier bards have been before me.


These are generally considered the finest of all beans, and should be

gathered young. Shell them, lay them in a pan of cold water, and then

boil them about two hours, or till they are quite soft; drain them well,

and add to them some butter. They are destroyed by the first frost, but

can be kept during the winter by gathering them on a dry day, when full

grown, but not the least hard, and putting them in their pods into a

keg. Throw some salt into the bottom of the keg, and cover it with a

layer of bean pods, then add more salt, and then another layer of beans

in their pods, till the keg is full. Press them down with a heavy

weight, cover the keg closely, and keep it in a cool, dry place. Before

you use them, soak the pods all night in cold water, the next day shell

them, and soak the beans till you are ready to boil them.

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Cream Of Lima Beans

Put over the fire a quart of lima beans in boiling water to cover them;

when nearly tender add a bay leaf, half a white onion, and salt and

white pepper to taste. Let them cook until very tender, remove from the

fire, and mash through a colander with the water in which they were

boiled. Put back in the saucepan on the range, let it come to a boil,

then add a heaping tablespoonful of butter and a pint of boiling milk,

stir well, remove and press through a puree sieve that it may be smooth.

Beat four tablespoonfuls of cream, add when the soup is in the tureen

and serve immediately. This soup is very nice when made from the best

canned lima beans, using two cans and following the recipe as above.

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Puree Of Lima Beans

may be prepared in the same way.

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Dried Lima Beans

Put to soak half a pound of dried Lima beans in a small quantity of cold

water. Next morning set where they will simmer slowly for two hours in

salted water enough to cover. At dinner-time drain, and serve on the

dinner plates simply seasoned with butter, pepper and salt. Or, if

preferred, they can be served in sauce dishes, with white sauce.

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Peas And Lima Beans

Peas and Lima beans, after being shelled and covered with salted boiling

water, are cooked until tender (forty to sixty minutes) and then served

either plain, as directed for the beans, or with the cream sauce, which,

by the way, is better for such vegetables if thinned with more milk than

when used in other ways.

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