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(Meats) - (The New Dr. Price Cookbook)

Wipe beef with damp cloth, put into iron kettle or frying pan, and
brown well on all sides. Add 2 tablespoons cut onion, 1 tablespoon
salt, 1/4 teaspoon pepper and 2 cups boiling water; reduce heat and
boil slowly 1-3/4 hours; add water as necessary, 1 cup at a time.
After adding potatoes, boil 30 minutes. Place meat in center of hot
platter and potatoes around edge. Mix 1 tablespoon flour with a little
cold water, add to gravy and boil. Pour over meat and sprinkle with
chopped parsley. Carrots cut in small pieces may be added with
potatoes if desired.

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Have _beef_ liver cut in slices about one inch thick; quickly rinse
and wipe dry. Remove the thin skin on the edge and cut out all the
small, tough fibres. If liver from a _young_ beef it can scarcely be
told from calves' liver when cooked, and is considerably cheaper. Fry
a dozen slices of fat bacon in a pan until crisp and brown. Take from
the pan on a warm platter and place in oven. Put the pieces of liver,
well dredged with flour, into the pan containing the hot bacon fat,
also a little butter, and fry slowly until well done, but not hard and
dry. Turn frequently and season with salt and pepper. Take the liver
from the pan, add one tablespoonful of flour to the fat remaining in
the pan, stir until smooth and brown, then add about one cup of sweet
milk or water, stir a few minutes until it thickens and season with
salt and pepper. Should the liver be a little overdone, put it in the
pan with the gravy, cover and let stand where it will just simmer a
few minutes, then turn all on a hot platter and serve the bacon on a
separate dish.

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Liver And Bacon

Fry bacon till crisp. Then dip liver in the flour and fry until brown on

both sides. Remove from skillet and cook in the skillet for a few

minutes a chopped onion and a bunch of parsley. Then put back the liver

and bacon, cover all with water and let simmer about one hour.

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