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(Salads And Salad Dressing.) - (Recipes Tried And True)

Take one pound of fresh or canned lobster, two small onions, one
fourth of a lemon (with rind), two bunches of celery, or a like amount
of crisp cabbage; chop fine, and thoroughly mix with the dressing.
Serve on a lettuce leaf in individual dishes; garnish with the white
of the eggs, chopped fine.
Veal, chicken, terrapin, salmon, little-neck clams, scollops, etc.,
can be utilized by the judicious cook in connection with the dressing.

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A bowl was lined with crisp lettuce leaves, over this was spread a
layer of cold boiled potatoes, cut in dice, a little finely minced
onion, a layer of chopped celery, another layer of diced potatoes,
then a layer of sliced tomatoes and one hard boiled egg, thinly
sliced. Pour a good salad dressing over and serve ice cold.

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1 quart cold boiled potatoes
1 onion, finely sliced
1/2 teaspoon salt
chopped parsley
1/2 cup French dressing
Cut potatoes into slices or cubes; add onion; mix with salt, parsley
and French dressing. Serve on lettuce leaves with boiled dressing.

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Cut cold boiled chicken into dice, add an equal quantity of tender celery,
season with salt, pepper and lemon juice, mix with mayonnaise dressing, and
serve on lettuce leaves.
A four pound chicken, and six heads of tender celery, three heads of
lettuce, a half pint of whipped cream, and one pint of mayonnaise, will
serve fifteen persons.

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Two large cold fowls, either boiled or roasted.
The yolks of nine hard-boiled eggs.
Half a pint of sweet oil.
Half a pint of vinegar.
A gill of mixed mustard.
A small tea-spoonful of cayenne pepper.
A small tea-spoonful of salt.
Two large heads, or four small ones, of fine celery.
Cut the meat of the fowls from the bones, in pieces not exceeding
an inch in size.
Cut the white part of the celery into pieces about an inch long.
Mix the chicken and celery well together. Cover them and set them
With the back of a wooden spoon, mash the yolks of eggs till they
are a perfectly smooth paste. Mix them with the oil, vinegar,
mustard, cayenne, and salt. Stir them for a long time, till they
are thoroughly mixed and quite smooth. The longer they are stirred
the better. When this dressing is sufficiently mixed, cover it,
and set it away.
Five minutes before the salad is to be eaten pour the dressing
over the chicken and celery, and mix all well together. If the
dressing is put on long before it is wanted, the salad will be
tough and hard.
This salad is very excellent made of cold turkey instead of

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From MRS. NAOMI T. COMPTON, of New Jersey, Alternate Lady Manager.
Have never seen this recipe for preparing an egg for invalids or
convalescents, so I venture to add it on account of its excellence.
Some people dislike the taste of raw egg, and would find it palatable
in other ways than beaten up with wine, or taken in a glass of
sweetened milk. Prepare a cup of coffee to the taste, with cream and
sugar, keeping it very hot until ready for the egg, which must be
beaten thoroughly in another cup, and the prepared coffee added by
degrees to the egg; drink it hot, and you will never want to take
coffee again without the addition of egg.

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Salmon Or Lobster Salad Dressing


Two eggs, two tablespoons melted butter, one tablespoon mustard, one

half cup milk, (with a small pinch baking soda to prevent curdling), one

half cup vinegar, salt and pepper. Mix mustard and butter, then eggs

well beaten, milk, stir well, add vinegar, boil gently till as thick as

cream. Celery chopped up and added gives a nice flavor and crispness.

If cooked in a double boiler it is less likely to burn. This does nicely

with chicken or lamb.

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19 Lobster Salad

Pick the meat from a boiled lobster, break up into small pieces, mix

with a French dressing, pile neatly on lettuce leaves, and cover over

with mayonnaise dressing.

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25 Cucumber And Lobster Salad

Cut a slice off the cucumbers lengthwise, scoop them out, fill with

boiled lobster meat. Arrange the lobster claws across the top. Ornament

with mayonnaise dressing.

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Lobster Salad

Boil a cauliflower, pull it in pieces, and put it in a dish with a

little pepper, salt, and vinegar. Have four or five hard-boiled eggs,

boiled beet-root, small salad, and some anchovies, nicely cleaned and

cut in lengths. Put a layer of small salad at the bottom of the dish,

then a layer of the cauliflower, then the eggs cut in slices, then the

beet, and so on. Take the claws and tail of the lobster, cut as whole as

possible, and trim, to be laid on the top. The trimmings and what you

can get out may be put in at the time you are laying the cauliflower,

&c. in the dish. Make a rich salad sauce with a little elder vinegar in

it, and pour it over. Lay the tails and claws on the top, and cross the

shreds of the anchovies over them.

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Sauce A-la-remoulade No 3for Cold Chicken Or Lobster Salad

Two yolks of eggs boiled hard must be bruised very fine, with a

tea-spoonful of cold water; add a tea-spoonful of mustard, and two

table-spoonfuls of salad oil. When these are well mixed, add a

tea-spoonful of chopped parsley, one clove of shalot, and a little

tarragon; these must be chopped very fine, and well mixed; then add

three table-spoonfuls of vinegar and one of cream. The chicken or

lobster should be cut in small thick pieces (not sliced) and placed,

with small quarters of lettuces and hard eggs quartered, alternately, so

as to fill the dish in a varied form. The sauce is then poured over it.

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