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Lobsters To Pot

(Fish.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Boil four moderate-sized lobsters, take off the tails, and split them.

Take out the flesh as whole as possible; pick the meat out of the body

and chine; beat it fine, and season with pepper, salt, nutmeg, and mace,

and season separately, in the same manner, the tails and claws, which

must also be taken out as whole as you can. Clarify a pound of the very

finest butter; skim it clean; put in the tails and claws, with what you

have beaten, and let it boil a very short time, stirring it all the

while lest it should turn. Let it drain through a sieve, but not too

much; put it down close in a pot, and, when it is a little cooled, pour

over the butter which you drained from it. When quite cold, tie it down.

The butter should be the very best, as it mixes with the lobster spawn,

&c., and is excellent to eat with the rest or spread upon bread.

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