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Loin Of Veal To Roast

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Roast, and baste with butter; set a dish under your veal, with vinegar,

a few sage leaves, and a little rosemary and thyme. Let the gravy drop

on these, and, when the veal is roasted, let the herbs and gravy boil

once or twice on the fire: serve it under the veal.

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Loin Of Veal To Roast With Herbs

Lard the fillet of a loin of veal; put it into an earthen pan; steep it

three hours with parsley, scallions, a little fennel, mushrooms, a

laurel-leaf, thyme, basil, and two shalots, the whole shred very fine,

salt, whole pepper, a little grated nutmeg, and a little sweet oil. When

it has taken the flavour of the herbs, put it upon the spit, with all

its seasoning, wrapt in two sheets of white paper well buttered; tie it

carefully so as to prevent the herbs falling out, and roast it at a very

slow fire. When it is done take off the paper, and with a knife pick off

all the bits of herbs that stick to the meat and paper, and put them

into a stewpan, with a little gravy, two spoonfuls of verjuice, salt,

whole pepper, and a bit of butter, about as big as a walnut, rolled in

flour. Before you thicken the sauce, melt a little butter; mix it with

the yolk of an egg, and rub the outside of the veal, which should then

be covered with grated bread, and browned with a salamander. Serve it up

with a good sauce under, but not poured over so as to disturb the meat.

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