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(Vegetables) - (The Art Of Living In Australia)

1 lb. Potatoes--1d.

1/2 pint Onion Sauce--2d.

Total Cost--3d.

Time--Half an Hour

Peel and boil the potatoes in the usual way, slice them up and
put them into a hot dish; make some rather thin onion sauce by
directions given elsewhere, season with a few drops of lemon juice, and
pour over the potatoes; serve hot.

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For lyonnaise potatoes chop an onion fine; fry it brown in a
tablespoonful of butter; add another tablespoonful to the iron spider
after the frying, and let the butter become very hot. Then cut six
whole boiled potatoes into thick or half inch slices, and lay them in
the spider, which should be ample enough to hold them without lapping
over another. Let them fry brown on both sides, tossing them
occasionally to prevent them burning. Sprinkle a tablespoonful of
parsley over them, and serve at once. They should be very hot when
brought on the table.

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Lyonnaise Potatoes

Cold boiled or roasted sweet potatoes may be mashed while warm, seasoned
with salt, pepper and butter and formed at once into croquettes; dip and
fry the same as white potato croquettes.

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Lyonnaise Potatoes

Put a large lump of butter in a saucepan and let it melt; then add one

small onion chopped fine or sliced thin, when it is nicely browned but

not scorched, put in slices of cold boiled potatoes, salt and pepper and

cook until well browned. Just before taking up add a teaspoonful of


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Lyonnaise Potatoes

One pint cold potatoes cut in dice and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Fry one scant tablespoonful of onion in one heaping tablespoonful of

butter, add the potatoes, stir with a fork until the potatoes absorb the

butter, add one teaspoonful chopped parsley. Three pints of boiling

water, one-half teaspoonful salt. All vegetables should be put in

boiling water.

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Lyonnaise Potatoes

If the mother prefers, she can have the child take these little balls

(peeled after they are cooked), cut them up fine, and fry them as

follows: In a hot pan melt two tablespoonfuls of butter and add a

teaspoonful of finely chopped onion, which should be cooked until a

delicate brown before the seasoned potatoes are added.

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