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(Pastry, Sweets, Frozen Delicacie) - (The Italian Cook Book)



Granulated sugar, nine ounces.

Sweet almonds, three and a half ounces.

Bitter almonds, half of the above quantity.

Whites of egg, two.

Skin and dry the almonds, then chop them very fine. Mix the sugar and

the whites of egg and stir for about half an hour, then add the almonds

to form a rather hard paste. Of this make little balls, as large as a

small walnut. If the paste is too soft add a little butter, if too hard

add a little white of egg, this time beaten. Were it desired to give the

macaroons a brownish color, mix with the paste a little burnt sugar.

As you form the little ball, that you will flatten to the thickness of

one third of an inch, put them over wafers or on pieces of paper or in a

baking tin greased with butter and sprinkled with half flour and half

powdered sugar. Dispose them at a certain distance from one another as

they will enlarge and swell, remaining empty inside.

Bake in an oven moderately hot.


Powdered sugar, ten and a half ounces.

Sweet almonds, three ounces.

Bitter almonds, one ounce.

Two whites of egg.

Skin the almonds and dry them in the sun or on the fire, then chop and

grind very fine with one white of egg poured in various times. When this

is done, put half of the sugar, stirring and kneading with your hand.

Then pour everything in a large bowl and, always mixing, add half of the

other white of egg, then the other half of the sugar and finally the

other half of the white.

In this way an homogenous mixture will be obtained of the right

firmness. Shake into a kind of a stick and cut it in rounds all equal,

one third of an inch thick. Take them up one by one with moistened

fingers and make little balls as large as a walnut. Flatten them to the

thickness of a third of an inch and for the rest proceed as said above,

but dust with powdered sugar before putting in a hot oven.

With this dose about thirty macarons can be obtained.

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Blanch half a pound of almonds, pound in mortar to a smooth paste, add
one pound of pulverized sugar and the beaten whites of four eggs, and
work the paste well together with the back of a spoon. Dip your hands in
water and roll the mixture into balls the size of a hickory nut and lay
on buttered or waxed paper an inch apart. When done, dip your hands in
water and pass gently over the macaroons, making the surface smooth and
shiny. Set in a cool oven three-quarters of an hour.

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Prepare the almonds by blanching them in boiling water. Strip them of
the skins and lay them on a clean towel to dry. Grate or pound one-half
pound of almonds, beat the whites of five eggs to a stiff, very stiff
froth; stir in gradually three-quarters of a pound of pulverized sugar
(use confectioner's sugar if you can get it), and then add the pounded
almonds, to which add a tablespoon of rosewater or a teaspoon of essence
of bitter almonds. Line a broad baking-pan with buttered or waxed paper
and drop upon this half a teaspoon of the mixture at a time, allowing
room enough to prevent their running together. Sift powdered sugar over
them and bake in a quick oven to a delicate brown. If the mixture has
been well beaten they will not run. Try one on a piece of paper before
you venture to bake them all. If it runs add a little more sugar.

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Beat stiff the whites of three eggs, add one-half pound of sugar, and
one-half pound of finely cut figs, one-half pound of either blanched
almonds cut into long slices, or cut up walnuts. Heat a large pan, pass
ironing-wax over surface, lay in waxed paper, and drop spoonfuls of
mixture on paper, same distance apart. Bake very slowly in very moderate
oven. Remove and let cool; then take paper out with the macaroons, turn
over and place hot cloths on wrong; side, when cakes will drop off.

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Stone thirty dates; chop them fine. Cut one-half pound of almonds
lengthwise in slices, but do not blanch them. Beat the whites of two
eggs until foamy, add one cup of powdered sugar, and beat until stiff;
add the dates, then the almonds, and mix very thoroughly. Drop mixture
with teaspoon in small piles on tins, one-half inch apart. Bake thirty
minutes in a very slow oven or until dry. They are done when they leave
the pan readily.

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Beat egg yolk separately. Add one teaspoon of matzoth meal and pinch of
salt. Whip white to a snow, fold in the whites, and fry by
tablespoonfuls in butter or fat and serve with prunes.

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One pound of almonds ground fine, one and one-half pounds of powdered
sugar, the whites of five eggs and the grated rind of two lemons. Beat
the whites of eggs to a snow, add the sugar and the grated lemon rind
and almonds; mix it well together. Grease a very thin paper with olive
oil, sprinkle some powdered sugar over it, place on a tin. Form the
cakes and place them a little distance from each other and bake in a
very moderate oven. When done let them cool before you touch them.

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Three eggs (whites only), 3/4 pound of pulverized sugar, 1/2 pound of
almond paste (which may be bought ready prepared). Beat eggs very
stiff, add other ingredients. Drop teaspoonfuls on a baking sheet and
bake in a moderate oven 15 or 20 minutes. Macaroons prepared from this
recipe are delicious and resemble those sold by confectioners.

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One cup of nut kernels (chopped fine), one cup of light brown sugar;
rub well together one-half cup flour, one egg (beaten light); mix
well, and drop with a spoon on buttered dripping pan. Bake with a
slow fire.
Mrs. Josie Yager adds to this a pinch of baking powder.

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Two eggs, two coffee-cups brown sugar, two cups flour, two tablespoons
water, one-half teaspoon baking powder, two cups hickory nut meats.

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Two-thirds cup white sugar, one-half cup water; boil as for candy;
remove from the fire; stir in one-half pound crystallized cocoanut;
then add by degrees the beaten whites of three eggs. Mix thoroughly
with a spoon; drop and spread in small cakes on buttered tins; bake
until slightly browned.

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