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Maccaroni In A Mould Of Pie Crust

(Made Dishes.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Prepare a paste, as generally made for apple-pies, of an oval shape; put

a stout bottom to it and no top; let it bake by the fire till served.

Prepare a quarter of a pound of maccaroni, boil it with a little salt

and half an ounce of butter; when done, put it in another stewpan with

an ounce more of butter, a little grated cheese, and a spoonful of

cream. Drain the maccaroni, and toss it till the cheese be well mixed;

pour it into a dish; sprinkle some more grated cheese over it, and baste

it with a little butter. When ready to be served, put the maccaroni into

the paste, and dish it up hot without browning the cheese.

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