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(Fish) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Take pickerel, pike or any fish that is not fat, cut into two-inch
slices, wash well, salt and set aside in a cool place for a few hours.
When ready to cook, wash slightly so as not to remove all salt from
fish. Take heads and set up to boil with a whole onion for twenty-five
minutes, then add the other pieces and two cups of vinegar, one cup of
water, four bay leaves and twelve allspice, a little pepper and ginger.
Cook for thirty-five minutes longer. Taste fish, add a little water or a
little more vinegar to taste. Then remove fish carefully so as not to
break the pieces and let cool. Strain the sauce, return fish to same,
adding a few bay leaves and allspice. Set in a cool place until sauce
forms a jelly around the fish. Can be kept covered and in a cool place
for some time.

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