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Melon Compote

(Dessert Dishes.) - (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)

Make a syrup by boiling one pound of sugar, (cost ten

cents,) with half a pint of water. Pare and slice a spicy musk melon,

(cost five cents,) and put it into the syrup with a little wine, (cost

five cents.) Boil gently for ten minutes, take up the melon in a glass

dish, cool the syrup a little, and pour it over the melon. Serve the

compote cold; it is delicious, and costs only about twenty-five cents.

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Melon Compote

Cut a good melon as for eating; peel it, carefully taking off the green

part entirely, but not more. Take out all the inside, and steep the

slices for ten days in the best vinegar, keeping it well covered. Take

out the slices, and put them over the fire in fresh vinegar; let them

stew till quite tender. Then drain and dry them in a cloth; stick bits

of cloves and cinnamon in them; lay them in a jar, and make a syrup, and

pour over them. Tie the jar close down. This kind of sweetmeat is eaten

in Geneva with roast meat, and is much better than currant jelly or

apple sauce. The melon must be in good order, and within three or four

days of being ripe enough to eat.

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