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(Pickles.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Scoop your melons clean from the pulp; fill them with scraped

horseradish, ginger, nutmeg, sliced garlic, mace, pepper, mustard-seed,

and tie them up. Afterwards take the best white wine vinegar, a

quartered nutmeg, a handful of salt, whole pepper, cloves, and mace, or

a little ginger; let the vinegar and spice boil together, and when

boiling hot pour it over the fruit, and tie them down very close for two

or three days; but, if you wish to have them green, let them be put over

a fire in their pickle in a metal pot, until they are scalding hot and

green; then pour them into pots, and stop them close down, and, when

cold, cover them with wet bladder and leather.

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Cut melon in half, seed and put on ice one hour before serving. When
ready to serve, fill with crushed ice and sprinkle with, powdered sugar.
Allow one-half melon for each person. Very refreshing for summer
luncheons or dinners. For dinner serve before soup.

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Melons Or Cucumbers To Preserve

Cut and pare a thoroughly ripe melon into thick slices; put them into

water till they become mouldy; then put them into fresh water over the

fire to coddle, not to boil. Make a good syrup; when properly skimmed,

and while boiling, put your melon in to boil for a short time. The syrup

should be boiled every day for a fortnight; do not put it to the melon

till a little cold: the last time you boil the syrup, put it into a

muslin bag; add one ounce of ginger pounded and the juice and rind of

two lemons; but, if a large melon, allow an additional ounce of ginger.

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Melons To Imitate Mangoes

Cut off the tops of the melons, so as that you may take out the seeds

with a small spoon; lay them in salt and water, changing it every

twenty-four hours for nine successive days: then take them out, wipe

them dry, and put into each one clove of garlic or two small shalots, a

slice or two of horseradish, a slice of ginger, and a tea-spoonful of

mustard seed; this being done, tie up their tops again very fast with

packthread, and boil them up in a sufficient quantity of white wine

vinegar, bay-salt, and spices, as for cucumbers, skimming the pickle as

it rises; put a piece of alum into your pickle, about the size of a

walnut; and, after it has boiled a quarter of an hour, pour it, with the

fruit, into your jar or pan, and cover it with a cloth. Next day boil

your pickle again, and pour it hot upon your melons. After this has been

repeated three times, and the pickle and fruit are quite cold, stop them

up as directed for mushrooms. These and all other pickles should be set

in a dry place, and frequently inspected; and, if they grow mouldy, you

must pour off the liquor and boil it up as at first.

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Melons Or Cucumbers As Mangoes

Pour over your melons or other vegetables boiling hot salt and water,

and dry them the next day; cut a piece out of the side; scrape away the

seed very clean; and fill them with scraped horseradish, garlic, and

mustard seed; then put in the piece, and tie it close. Pour boiling hot

vinegar over them, and in about three days boil up the vinegar with

cloves, pepper, and ginger: then throw in your mangoes, and boil them up

quick for a few minutes; put them in jars, which should be of stone, and

cover them close.

The melons ought to be small and the cucumbers large. Should they not

turn out green enough, the vinegar must be boiled again.

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