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Milk Beverage

(Beverages.) - (Nelsons Home Comforts)

A very agreeable and useful beverage is made by dissolving a quarter of

an ounce of Nelson's Gelatine in a pint of milk. A spoonful of cream

can, if preferred, be used with a bottle of soda-water. For invalids,

this beverage can be used instead of tea or coffee, and may be

preferable in many cases on account of the nourishment it contains; it

will also be found an excellent substitute, taken hot, for wine-whey, or

posset, as a remedy for a cold. For summer use, Milk Beverage is

delicious, and may be flavoured with raspberry or strawberry syrup. If

on standing it should thicken, it will only be necessary briskly to beat

it up with a spoon.

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