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(Mehlspeise (flour Foods)) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Boil seven or eight potatoes, peel and let them stand several hours to
dry; then grate them and add two eggs, salt and enough flour to make a
dough thick enough to roll. Roll into long, round noodles as thick as
two pencils and cut to length of baking-pan. Butter pan and lay noodles
next to each other; cover with milk and lumps of butter and bake fifteen
minutes, till yellow; serve immediately with bread crumbs browned in
Boil about eight potatoes in their jackets and when peeled lay them on a
platter overnight. When ready to use them next day, grate, add two
eggs, salt, a little nutmeg if desired, one wine-glass of farina, a
tablespoon of chicken fat, one scant cup of flour gradually, and if not
dry enough add more flour, but be sure not to make the mixture too stiff
as this makes the balls heavy. Place balls in salted boiling water, cook
until light and thoroughly done, serve just, as they are or fried in
chicken fat until brown.
The dumplings may be made of the same mixture and in the centre of each
dumpling place stripes of bread one inch long and one-fourth inch thick
which have been fried in chicken fat and onions. Flour your hands well
and make into dumplings. Put into boiling-salted water, boil about
twenty-five minutes. Serve at once with chopped onions browned, or
browned bread crumbs and chicken fat.

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