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Mince Meat Without Meat No 1

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Twelve pounds of currants, very well washed, dried, and picked, six

pounds of raisins stoned and chopped very small, a quarter of a pound of

cloves, three ounces of mace, and two of nutmegs, pounded very fine, the

rind of three large fresh lemons pared very thin and chopped fine, six

pounds of powder sugar, a quart of sack, a quart of brandy, one hundred

golden rennets, pared, cored, and chopped small: mix all well together,

and let it stand two days, stirring it from the bottom twice or thrice a

day. Add three whole dried preserved oranges and an equal weight of

dried citron. Mix in the suet a day or two before you use it. Add

lemon-juice to your taste, and that only to the quantity you mean to

bake at once. Without suet these ingredients will keep for six months.

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