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(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Put half a pint of syrup into a stewpan, and boil it to what is called

blow; then take the whites of three eggs, put them in another copper

pan, and whisk them very strong. When your sugar is boiled, rub it

against the sides of the stewpan with a table-spoon; when you see the

sugar change, quickly mix the whites of eggs with it, for if you are not

quick your sugar will turn to powder. When you have mixed it as light as

possible, put in the rind of one lemon; stir it as little as possible:

take a board, about one foot wide and eighteen inches long, and put a

sheet of paper on it. With your table-spoon drop your batter in the

shape of half an egg: sift a little powdered sugar over them before you

put them in the oven. Let your oven be of a moderate heat; watch them

attentively, and let them rise, and just let the outside be a little

hard, but not the least brown; the inside must be moist. Take them off

with a knife, and just put about a tea-spoonful of jam in the middle of

them; then put two of them together, and they will be in the shape of an

egg; you must handle them very gently.

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