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(Pickles And Relishes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Wash one quart of large cucumbers, cut in cubes, one quart of small
cucumbers left whole, one quart small silver-skinned onions, one quart
small green tomatoes chopped coarse, two red peppers chopped fine, one
large cauliflower broken in small pieces; pour over them a weak brine
solution made of one quart of water and a cup of salt. Let stand
twenty-four hours; bring to a boil in same solution, drain and make the
Mixed Pickle Dressing.--Mix six tablespoons of mustard, one tablespoon
of turmeric, one cup of flour, two cups of sugar and two quarts of
vinegar. These ingredients must be thoroughly mixed and then cooked
until thick. Stir in the pickles; heat thoroughly; empty into glass jars
and stand away until needed.

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Two hundred little cucumbers, fifty large cucumbers, three
tablespoonfuls black mustard seed, three tablespoonfuls white mustard
seed, three tablespoonfuls celery seed, one dozen red peppers, two
pounds sugar, one quart French mustard, one bottle English chow-chow,
one quart little onions, vinegar to cover. Cook slowly for one hour.

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From MRS. HARRIET A. LUCAS, of Pennsylvania, Lady Manager
Peel carefully, by scalding, small onions; drain; place in salt and
water, not too strong, for forty-eight hours; then drain again till
dry. Put together one-half pint of milk and one-half pint water; place
the small onions in it and allow them to scald, _not_ boil, or
they will be softened. Remove, rinse in cold water and drain. Place in
a jar and pour over them white wine vinegar, with a little mace and
small red peppers; no dark spice. You will have a beautifully white,
mild pickled onion if this is carried out.
OIL PICKLES. From MRS. IDA. M. BALL, of Delaware, Lady Manager.
Two dozen large cucumbers, sliced without paring; sprinkle with salt;
place in a colander to drain for two or three hours. One dozen onions
prepared in the same way, separately. Put in a stone jar, in alternate
layers, sprinkling between with ground black pepper and a mixture of
mustard and oil, the mixture to be made in the proportion of a small
box of mustard to one-half pint of salad oil. When the jar is full,
pour in enough cold vinegar to cover.

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