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(Soups) - (The Jewish Manual)

Half boil a well-cleaned calf's head, then cut off all the meat in
small square pieces, and break the bones; return it to the stew-pan,
with some good stock made of beef and veal; dredge in flour, add fried
shalot, pepper, parsley, tarragon, a little mushroom ketchup, and a
pint of white wine; simmer gently until the meat is perfectly soft and
tender. Balls of force-meat, and egg-balls, should be put in a
short time before serving; the juice of a lemon is considered an

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Take one calf's head, wash well; put on to boil with four and one-half
quarts of water; add two red peppers, onions, celery, carrots, cloves,
salt to taste, and a little cabbage; boil six hours; also, have ready
some meat stock; the next day put fat in a skillet with two large
tablespoons of flour; let it brown; then, take the calf's head and cut
all the meat from it in pieces; add the calf's tongue, cut in dice.
Slice hard-boiled eggs, one glass of sherry; and one lemon sliced; put
all in the stock; allow it to come just to a boil.

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Mock Turtle Soup

Take half a calf's head, with the skin on; remove the

brains. Wash the head in several waters, and let it soak in cold water

for an hour. Put it in a saucepan with five quarts of beef stock; let it

simmer gently for an hour; remove the scum carefully. Take up the head

and let it get cold; cut the meat from the bones into pieces an inch

square, and set them in the ice-box.

Dissolve two ounces of butter in a frying pan; mince a large onion, and

fry it in the butter until nicely browned, and add to the stock in which

the head was cooked. Return the bones to the stock; simmer the soup,

removing the scum until no more rises. Put in a carrot, a turnip, a

bunch of parsley, a bouquet of herbs, a dozen outer stalks of celery,

two blades of mace and the rind of one lemon, grated; salt and pepper to

taste. Boil gently for two hours, and strain the soup through a cloth.

Mix three ounces of browned flour with a pint of the soup; let simmer

until it thickens, then add it to the soup. Take the pieces of head out

of the ice-box, and add to the soup; let them simmer until quite tender.

"Before serving add a little Worcestershire sauce, a tablespoonful of

anchovy paste, a gobletful of port or sherry, and two lemons sliced,

each slice quartered, with the rind trimmed off." Warm the wine a very

little before adding it to the soup. Keep in ice-box three or four days

before using. Serve the brains as a side dish.

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Mock Turtle Or Calf's Head Soup

Boil the head until perfectly tender--then take it out, strain the

liquor, and set it away until the next day--then skim off the fat, cut

up the meat, together with the lights, and put it into the liquor, put

it on the fire, and season it with salt, pepper, cloves, and mace--add

onions and sweet herbs, if you like--stew it gently for half an hour.

Just before you take it up, add half a pint of white wine. For the

balls, chop lean veal fine, with a little salt pork, add the brains, and

season it with salt, pepper, cloves, mace, sweet herbs or curry powder,

make it up into balls about the size of half an egg, boil part in the

soup, and fry the remainder, and put them in a dish by themselves.

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Mock Turtle Soup No 1

Take a calf's head, very white and very fresh, bone the nose part of it;

put the head into some warm water to discharge the blood; squeeze the

flesh with your hand to ascertain that it is all thoroughly out; blanch

the head in boiling water. When firm, put it into cold water, which

water must be prepared as follows: cut half a pound of fat bacon, a

pound of beef suet, an onion stuck with two cloves, two thick slices of

lemon; put these into a vessel, with water enough to contain the head;

boil the head in this, and take it off when boiled, leaving it to cool.

Then make your sauce in the following manner: put into a stewpan a pound

of ham cut into slices; put over the ham two knuckles of veal, two

large onions, and two carrots; moisten with some of the broth in which

you have boiled the head to half the depth of the meat only; cover the

stewpan, and set it on a slow fire to sweat through; let the broth

reduce to a good rich colour; turn up the meat for fear of burning. When

you have a very good colour, moisten with the whole remaining broth from

the head; season with a very large bundle of sweet herbs, sweet basil,

sweet marjoram, lemon-thyme, common thyme, two cloves, and a bay leaf, a

few allspice, parsley, and green onions and mushrooms. Let the whole

boil together for one hour; then drain it. Put into a stewpan a quarter

of a pound of very fresh butter, let it melt over a very slow fire; put

to this butter as much flour as it can receive till the flour has

acquired a very good brown colour; moisten this gradually with the broth

till you have employed it all; add half a bottle of good white wine; let

the sauce boil that the flour may be well done; take off all the scum

and fat; pass it through a sieve. Cut the meat off the calf's head in

pieces of about an inch square; put them to boil in the sauce; season

with salt, a little cayenne pepper, and lemon juice. Throw in some

forcemeat balls, made according to direction, and a few hard yolks of

eggs, and serve up hot.

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Mock Turtle No 2

Take a calf's head with the skin on; let it be perfectly well cleaned

and scalded, if it is sent otherwise from the butcher's. You should

examine and see that it is carefully done, and that it looks white and

clean, by raising the skin from the bone with a knife. Boil it about

twenty minutes; put it in cold water for about ten minutes; take the

skin clean from the flesh, and cut it in square pieces. Cut the tongue

out, and boil it until it will peel; then cut it in small pieces, and

put it all together. Line the bottom of a soup-pot with slices of ham, a

bay-leaf, a bunch of thyme, some other herbs, and an onion stuck with

six cloves. Cover all this with a slice of fat bacon, to keep the meat

from burning, dry it in a clean cloth, and lay it in the pot with salt,

cayenne pepper, and as much mace as will lie on a shilling: and cover

the meat over with the parings of the head, and some slices of veal. Add

to it a pint of good strong broth; put the cover over the pot as close

as possible, and let it simmer two hours. When the head is tender, make

the browning as follows: put into a stewpan a good quarter of a pound of

butter; as it boils, dredge in a very little flour, keeping it stirring,

and throw in by degrees an onion chopped very fine, a little thyme,

parsley, &c. picked, also chopped very fine. Put them in by degrees,

stirring all the time; then add a pint of good strong broth, a pint of

good Madeira wine, and all the liquor with your meat in the stewpot. Let

them boil all together, till the spirit of the wine is evaporated, for

that should not predominate. Add the juice of two or three large lemons;

then put in the head, tongue, &c.; skim the fat off as it rises. Dish it

very hot; add forcemeat balls and hard eggs, made thus: take six or

eight and boil them hard; then take the yolks, and pound them in a

mortar with a dust of flour, and half or more of a raw egg, (beaten up)

as you may judge sufficient. Rub it all to a paste; add a little salt;

then roll them into little eggs, and add them, with the forcemeat balls,

to the turtle when you dish it.

Other Recipes

Mock Turtle No 3

Neat's feet instead of calf's head; that is, two calf's feet and two

neat's feet.

Mock Turtle. No. 4.

Two neat's and two calf's feet cut into pieces an inch long, and put

into two quarts of strong mutton gravy, with a pint of Madeira. Take

three dozen oysters, four anchovies, two onions, some lemon-peel, and

mace, with a few sweet herbs; shred all very fine, with half a

tea-spoonful of cayenne pepper, and add them to the feet. Let all stew

together two hours and a quarter. Just before you send it to table, add

the juice of two small lemons, and put forcemeat balls and hard eggs to


Other Recipes

Mock Turtle Soup

This, like real turtle soup, can be made of Nelson's Extract of Meat and

Bellis's Mock Turtle Meat. Boil the contents of a tin of this meat in

water or stock, salted and flavoured with vegetables and turtle herbs,

until tender. Finish with Nelson's Extract of Meat, and as directed for

turtle soup.

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