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Mock Turtle No 2

(Soups.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take a calf's head with the skin on; let it be perfectly well cleaned

and scalded, if it is sent otherwise from the butcher's. You should

examine and see that it is carefully done, and that it looks white and

clean, by raising the skin from the bone with a knife. Boil it about

twenty minutes; put it in cold water for about ten minutes; take the

skin clean from the flesh, and cut it in square pieces. Cut the tongue

out, and boil it until it will peel; then cut it in small pieces, and

put it all together. Line the bottom of a soup-pot with slices of ham, a

bay-leaf, a bunch of thyme, some other herbs, and an onion stuck with

six cloves. Cover all this with a slice of fat bacon, to keep the meat

from burning, dry it in a clean cloth, and lay it in the pot with salt,

cayenne pepper, and as much mace as will lie on a shilling: and cover

the meat over with the parings of the head, and some slices of veal. Add

to it a pint of good strong broth; put the cover over the pot as close

as possible, and let it simmer two hours. When the head is tender, make

the browning as follows: put into a stewpan a good quarter of a pound of

butter; as it boils, dredge in a very little flour, keeping it stirring,

and throw in by degrees an onion chopped very fine, a little thyme,

parsley, &c. picked, also chopped very fine. Put them in by degrees,

stirring all the time; then add a pint of good strong broth, a pint of

good Madeira wine, and all the liquor with your meat in the stewpot. Let

them boil all together, till the spirit of the wine is evaporated, for

that should not predominate. Add the juice of two or three large lemons;

then put in the head, tongue, &c.; skim the fat off as it rises. Dish it

very hot; add forcemeat balls and hard eggs, made thus: take six or

eight and boil them hard; then take the yolks, and pound them in a

mortar with a dust of flour, and half or more of a raw egg, (beaten up)

as you may judge sufficient. Rub it all to a paste; add a little salt;

then roll them into little eggs, and add them, with the forcemeat balls,

to the turtle when you dish it.

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