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Mock Turtle No 3

(Soups.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Neat's feet instead of calf's head; that is, two calf's feet and two

neat's feet.

Mock Turtle. No. 4.

Two neat's and two calf's feet cut into pieces an inch long, and put

into two quarts of strong mutton gravy, with a pint of Madeira. Take

three dozen oysters, four anchovies, two onions, some lemon-peel, and

mace, with a few sweet herbs; shred all very fine, with half a

tea-spoonful of cayenne pepper, and add them to the feet. Let all stew

together two hours and a quarter. Just before you send it to table, add

the juice of two small lemons, and put forcemeat balls and hard eggs to


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