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Mulligatawney Soup

(Savory Dishes From Other Countri) - (The Khaki Kook Book)

This is a very famous soup which has been associated with India since

the beginning of the English regime. In India it is usually made with

chicken, but beef or mutton do very nicely. Stew a pound of mutton.

Scrappy mutton, such as neck or ribs, does very nicely. When meat is

tender remove from soup.

Fry an onion with a teaspoonful of curry powder. When nicely browned

stir into it a tablespoonful of peanut butter; also about a half cup of

fresh cocoanut. Mix these up together to a smooth paste and add to the

mutton broth. Also pick the mutton from the bones and add to the soup.

If the peanut butter does not thicken it sufficiently, thicken with a

little flour. Serve with rice. Sometimes the rice is boiled with the

mutton, but usually it is boiled separately (No. 52). Lemon juice is

usually served with this soup.

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