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Mushroom Ketchup No 1

(Sauces.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take a bushel of the large flaps of mushrooms, gathered dry, and bruise

them with your hands. Put some of them into an earthen pan; throw some

salt over them; then put in more mushrooms, then more salt, till you

have done. Add half an ounce of beaten mace and cloves, and the same

quantity of allspice; and let them stand five or six days, stirring them

every day. Tie a paper over and bake for four hours in a slow oven;

strain out the liquor through a cloth, and let it stand to settle. Pour

it off clear from the sediment: to every gallon of liquor put a quart of

red wine; if not salt enough, add a little more salt, with a race of

ginger cut small, and half an ounce of cloves and mace, and boil till

reduced nearly one third. Strain it through a sieve into a pan; next day

pour it from the settlings, and bottle it for use.

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