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Mushroom Liquor And Powder

(Pickles.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take about a peck of mushrooms, wash them, and rub them with a piece of

flannel, taking out the gills, but do not peel them. Put to them half an

ounce of beaten pepper, four bay-leaves, four cloves, twelve blades of

mace, a handful of salt, eight onions, a bit of butter, and half a pint

of vinegar; stew all these as quick as possible; keep stirring till the

liquor is quite out of the mushrooms; then drain them, and bottle the

liquor and spice when cold. Dry the mushrooms in an oven, first on a

flat or broad pan, then on sieves, until they can be beaten into powder.

This quantity will make about seven ounces. Stop the powder close in

wide-mouthed bottles.

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