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Mushroom Omelet

(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

Cook a dozen small, even sized mushrooms in a saucepan with half an

ounce of butter and half a saltspoonful of salt sprinkled over them.

Make ready a plain omelet, as it cooks at the edges place the mushrooms

over one half of it, fold over the other half, slip from the pan on to a

hot dish and serve immediately.

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Frittata Di Funghi Mushroom Omelette

Ingredients: Mushrooms, butter, eggs, bread crumbs, Parmesan, marjoram,


Clean four or five mushrooms, cut them up, and put them into a

frying-pan with one and a half ounces of butter, a clove of garlic with

two cuts in it, and a little salt; fry them lightly till the mushrooms

are nearly cooked, and then take out the garlic. In the meantime beat up

separately the yolks and the whites of two or three eggs, add a little

crumb of bread soaked in water, a tablespoonful of grated Parmesan, and

two leaves of marjoram; go on beating all up until the crumb of bread

has become entirely absorbed by the eggs, then pour this mixture into

the frying-pan with the mushrooms, mix all well together and make an

omelette in the usual way.

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