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Mushrooms No 2

(Pickles.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Put your mushrooms into salt and water, and wash them clean with a

flannel, throw them into water as you do them; then boil some salt and

water: when it boils, put in your mushrooms, and let them boil one

minute. Take them out, and smother them between two flannels; when cold,

put them into white wine vinegar, with what spice you choose. The

vinegar must be boiled and stand till cold. Keep them closely tied down

with a bladder. A bit of alum is frequently put to keep them firm.

The white mushrooms are done the same way, using milk and water instead

of salt and water, distilled vinegar in the room of white wine vinegar,

no spices except mace, and a lump of alum.

Other Recipes

Tomatoes Stuffed With Mushrooms No 2

Wash and wipe the tomatoes, but do not remove the skins. Cut in half,

take out the core and a few of the seeds. Fill with the same forcemeat

as in the preceding recipe and cover the top with it, place in a pan

with a little water to keep from burning, bake in a moderate oven until

soft, remove carefully from the pan, place on a platter, garnish with

parsley and serve.

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