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(Vaughan’s Vegetable Cook Book)

In early spring the young leaves are used as a garnish, or, finely cut,

as a seasoning to salads. The Cabbage Leaved Mustard makes an excellent

green, and is treated like spinach.

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Make white sauce as directed above. Mix one tablespoon of mustard with a
teaspoon of cold water and stir into the sauce about two minutes before
serving. The quantity of mustard may be increased or diminished, as one
may desire the flavor strong or mild.

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Rub together one teaspoon of sugar, saltspoon of fine salt and one
tablespoon of best salad oil. Do this thoroughly. Mix two tablespoons of
ground mustard with vinegar enough to thin it. Then add to the mixture
of sugar, and if too thick, add a little boiling water.

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Aromatic Mustard

Upon one tablespoonful of grated horseradish, an ounce of bruised ginger

root, and five long red peppers pour half a pint of boiling vinegar.

Allow to stand, closely covered, for two days; then take five

teaspoonfuls of ground mustard, one teaspoonful of curry powder, and a

dessertspoonful of salt, and mix well together. Strain the vinegar upon

this, adding a dash of cayenne if wanted very pungent. Mix very smoothly

and keep in a corked bottle or jar.

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Tomato Mustard

To one peck of ripe tomatoes add a teaspoonful of salt; let it stew a

half hour, and strain through a sieve. Add two dessertspoonfuls of

onions chopped fine, a dessertspoonful of whole pepper, one of allspice,

one of cloves, and half a spoonful of cayenne pepper. Let it simmer down

one-third, adding a teaspoonful of curry, and a teacupful of mustard.

Then simmer half an hour longer.

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Mustard Pickle


Six ounces ground mustard, two ounces corn starch, one and one half

ounces of turmeric, one ounce curry powder, two quarts white wine

vinegar. Mix the ingredients in cold vinegar and stir into the rest of

the vinegar when boiling. Stir half an hour and pour over the pickles

which have been covered with a strong brine of salt and boiled for three

minutes, then strained and put in bottles or jars. This is nice for

cauliflower and is sufficient for one large head which must be cut into

small pieces. Other vegetables such as gherkins may be used.

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How To Mix Mustard

Put half an ounce of mustard into a tea-cup, or a small basin, add a

little salt; mix thoroughly with just enough boiling water to work the

whole into a smooth compact soft paste.


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Mustard Pickles

One quart each of tiny whole cucumbers, large cucumbers sliced, green

tomatoes sliced and small button onions, one large cauliflower divided

into flowerettes, and four green peppers cut fine. Make a brine of four

quarts of water and one pint of salt, pour it over the mixed vegetables

and let it stand covered twenty-four hours. Then scald it and turn into

a colander to drain. Mix one cup of flour, six tablespoonfuls of

mustard, and one tablespoonful of turmeric with enough vinegar to make a

smooth paste, add one cup of granulated sugar and sufficient vinegar to

make two quarts in all. Boil this mixture until it is thick and smooth,

stirring constantly, then add the vegetables and heat them through.

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Mustard Sauce

1 quart vinegar (if white wine vinegar use 1 pint water and

1 pint vinegar as it is too strong)

6 tablespoons mustard (Coleman's)

1 teaspoon tumeric

1 cup (small) flour

2 cups sugar

3 tablespoons salt

Boil onions, peppers in the vinegar; then add the cucumber. After it has

boiled a few minutes add the cauliflower and then the mustard sauce.

Boil together a few minutes; bottle and seal hot.

The cauliflower must be boiled alone before adding.

This is very excellent.

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Mustard To Make

Mix three table-spoonfuls of mustard, one of salt, and cold spring water

sufficient to reduce it to a proper thickness.

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Mustard Whey

Take milk and water of each a pint, bruised mustard seed an ounce and a

half; boil these together till the curd is perfectly separated: then

strain the whey through a cloth, and add a little sugar, which makes it

more palatable.

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