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Mustard Pickle

(Pickles.) - (My Recipes Tried And True)


Six ounces ground mustard, two ounces corn starch, one and one half

ounces of turmeric, one ounce curry powder, two quarts white wine

vinegar. Mix the ingredients in cold vinegar and stir into the rest of

the vinegar when boiling. Stir half an hour and pour over the pickles

which have been covered with a strong brine of salt and boiled for three

minutes, then strained and put in bottles or jars. This is nice for

cauliflower and is sufficient for one large head which must be cut into

small pieces. Other vegetables such as gherkins may be used.

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Mustard Pickles

One quart each of tiny whole cucumbers, large cucumbers sliced, green

tomatoes sliced and small button onions, one large cauliflower divided

into flowerettes, and four green peppers cut fine. Make a brine of four

quarts of water and one pint of salt, pour it over the mixed vegetables

and let it stand covered twenty-four hours. Then scald it and turn into

a colander to drain. Mix one cup of flour, six tablespoonfuls of

mustard, and one tablespoonful of turmeric with enough vinegar to make a

smooth paste, add one cup of granulated sugar and sufficient vinegar to

make two quarts in all. Boil this mixture until it is thick and smooth,

stirring constantly, then add the vegetables and heat them through.

Other Recipes

Mustard Pickle

Cut cabbages, cauliflowers, and onions, in small pieces or slices; salt

them together, and let them stand in the salt for a few days. Then take

them up in a strainer that the brine may run off; put them in a jar that

will hold three quarts; take enough vinegar to cover them; boil it up,

pour it on them, and cover it till next day. Pour the vinegar off, take

the same quantity of fresh vinegar, of black pepper, ginger, and Jamaica

pepper, each one ounce; boil them up together, let the liquor stand till

cold; then mix four tea-spoonfuls of turmeric, and six ounces of flour

of mustard, which pour on them cold. Cover the pickle up close; let it

stand three weeks; and it will be fit for use. The spices must be put in


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