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(Practical Cookery.) - (The Most Valuable And Original Receipts)

The saddle is the best part to roast--the shoulder and leg are good

roasted; but the best mode to cook the latter, is to boil it with a

piece of salt pork. A little rice boiled with it, improves the looks of

it. Mutton for roasting, should have a little butter rubbed on it, and a

little salt and pepper sprinkled on it--some people like cloves and

allspice. Put a small piece of butter in the dripping pan, and baste it

frequently. The bony side should be turned towards the fire first, and

roasted. For boiling or roasting mutton, allow a quarter of an hour to

each pound of meat. The leg is good cut in gashes, and filled with a

dressing, and baked. The dressing is made of soaked bread, a little

butter, salt, and pepper, and a couple of eggs. A pint of water with a

little butter should be put in the pan. The leg is also good, cut into

slices and broiled. It is good corned a few days, and then boiled. The

rack is good for broiling--it should be divided, each bone by itself,

broiled quick, and buttered, salted and peppered. The breast of mutton

is nice baked. The joints of the brisket should be separated, the sharp

ends of the ribs sawed off, the outside rubbed over with a little piece

of butter--salt it, and put it in a bake pan, with a pint of water. When

done, take it up, and thicken the gravy with a little flour and water,

and put in a small piece of butter. A table spoonful of catsup, cloves

and allspice, improve it, but are not essential. The neck of mutton

makes a good soup. Parsely or celery-heads are a pretty garnish for


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Stewed Cold Mutton or Beef

Place in a saucepan three onions sliced, a carrot and a potato diced;
salt, pepper, a teaspoonful of lime juice or vinegar, with thin slices
of cold meat. Cover closely and simmer for one hour, add half a cup of
cold water and simmer one hour longer. Season with a tablespoonful
of Worcestershire and thicken the gravy with an ounce of flour rubbed
into butter.

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Have three pounds of mutton cut in one inch squares. Wipe, put in kettle
and cover with cold water. Cook for five minutes, drain and again cover
with boiling water. Add one cup of chopped onion, one teaspoon of
peppercorns, and one-half of a red pepper, cut in small strips. Place on
back of stove and allow it to simmer until tender. Strain liquor and
thicken with flour. Add two tablespoons of drippings, one tablespoon of
minced parsley, one teaspoon of curry powder, and one-half teaspoon of
salt. Serve with molded rice.

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Take a shoulder of mutton--must be young and tender--wash the meat well
and dry with a clean towel. Rub well with salt, ginger and a speck of
pepper, and dredge well with flour. Lay it in a covered roasting-pan.
Put a few pieces of whole mace and a few slices of onion on top; pour a
cup of water into the pan. Cover it up tight and set in a hot oven to
roast, basting frequently. Allow twenty minutes to the pound for
roasting mutton; it should be well done. Add more water if necessary
(always add hot water so as not to stop the process of boiling), skim
the gravy well and serve with currant or cranberry jelly. Pare potatoes
of uniform size and wash and salt them about three-quarters of an hour
before dinner. Lay the potatoes in pan around the roast and sprinkle
them with salt and return to the oven to roast. Let them brown nicely.
Salt the mutton on both sides, adding a little ground ginger; put on to
boil in cold water, cover up tightly and stew slowly. In the meantime
pare and cut up the carrots, add these and cover up again. Pare and cut
up about half a dozen potatoes into dice shape and add them
three-quarters of an hour before dinner. Cover up again, and when done,
make a sauce as follows: Skim off about two tablespoons of fat from the
mutton stew, put this in a spider and heat. Brown a tablespoon of flour
in the fat, add a heaping tablespoon of brown sugar, some cinnamon and
pour the gravy of the stew into the spider, letting it boil up once, and
then pour all over the carrots and Stew until ready to serve.
White turnips may be used instead of carrots.

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Have the butcher carefully remove the blade from the shoulder and fill
the space with a bread stuffing; See "Bread Dressing for Fowl". Sew up
the opening, roast in the oven with a very little water in the pan, and
baste frequently. Serve with the gravy from the pan after the grease has
been carefully removed.

Other Recipes

No. 90. Petto di Castrato all'Italiana (Breast of Mutton)

Ingredients: Breast of mutton, veal, forcemeat, eggs, herbs,
spice, Parmesan.
Stuff a breast of mutton with veal forcemeat mixed with two eggs
beaten up, herbs, a little spice, and a tablespoonful of grated
Parmesan, braize it in stock with a bunch of herbs and two onions.
Serve with Italian sauce (No. 6).

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No. 91. Petto di Castrato alla Salsa piccante (Breast of Mutton)

Ingredients: Same as No. 90.
When the breast of mutton has been stuffed and cooked as above, let
it get cold and then cut it into fillets, flour them over, fry in
butter, and serve with tomato sauce piquante (No. 10), or one
dessert-spoonful of New Century sauce in a quarter pint of good
stock or gravy.

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Have the bone carefully removed from a rather lean shoulder of mutton,
and fill the orifice thus left with a good forcemeat. To make this,
chop fine half a pound of lean veal and quarter of a pound of ham and
add to these a small cup of fine bread crumbs. Season with a
quarter-teaspoonful each of ground mace, cloves, and allspice, and a
saltspoonful of black pepper. Stir in a raw egg to bind the mixture
together. When the forcemeat has been put into the hole in the
shoulder, cover the mutton with a cloth that will close the mouth of
the opening, and lay the meat in a pot with the bone from the
shoulder, a peeled and sliced onion, carrot and turnip, a little
parsley and celery, and a bay leaf; Pour in enough cold water to
cover the mutton entirely, stir in a heaping tablespoonful of salt,
and let the water come gradually to a boil and simmer until the mutton
has cooked twenty minutes to the pound. Let it cool in the broth;
take it out; lay it under a weight until cold, and serve. This is
also very good hot. The liquor makes excellent soup.

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1 Leg of Mutton--1s. 3d.

1 Rasher of Ham--2d.

1 fagot of Herbs

20 Peppercorns--1/2d.

1 1/2 oz. Butter--1d.

2 Carrots

1 Turnip

1 Onion

1 quart Stock--1d.

Total Cost--1s. 71/2 d.

Time--Four Hours.

Put the butter into a saucepan, and when it is dissolved put in the
mutton and brown it all over; then lay the ham and vegetables round it,
pour in the stock, and bring it to the boil. Cover down closely, and
stand the saucepan in a moderate oven where it will cook slowly. If the
braising is being done by a coal fire the lid of the stewpan may be
reversed and some hot coals placed in it; these will want renewing f
rom time to time. In any case cook very slowly, then dish the meat,
strain the gravy, remove the fat carefully, and boil to a sort of half
glaze; pour round the dish, serve with Julienne or plain vegetables.

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2 Breasts of Mutton--4d.

2 Onions

1 Carrot--1/2d.

1 Egg--1d.

Bread Crumbs--1/2d.

1 fagot of Herbs

1 pint Peas

Salt and Pepper

Hot Fat

12 Peppercorns--7d.

Total Cost--1s. 1d.

Time--Two Hours

Wipe the meat with a warm damp cloth, and put it into a saucepan with
the vegetables; bring to the boil and stew very gently for two hours.
Take it up and remove all the bones, put it between two boards and
stand some heavy weights on it till quite cold. Then cut into neat-shaped
pieces, egg and bread crumb them; fry a good colour. Boil the
peas by recipe given elsewhere. Pile the mutton on a dish and
put the peas round. A breast of lamb is exceedingly nice done in this
way; it may be cut off before the quarter is roasted. The liquor in
which the meat was cooked makes excellent soup.

Other Recipes

Polish Roast Mutton.

Place the mackerel in a baking-dish; sprinkle with pepper and chopped
parsley. Cover with fried bread-crumbs and bits of butter, and moisten
with cream. Then bake until brown on top and serve hot with
stewed potatoes.

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