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(Soups) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Cut three pounds of neck of lamb or lean shoulder into small pieces;
cover closely and boil with three quarts of water, slowly, for two
hours; add two tablespoons well-washed rice to the boiling soup. Cook
an hour longer, slowly; watch carefully and stir from time to time.
Strain and thicken it with a little flour; salt and pepper to taste.
Particularly nice for invalids.

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4 or 5 scrags of Mutton and Shank Bones--6d
Carefully trim the scrags of mutton, remove the pith from the bones,
and wipe with a damp cloth; break these and the shank bones into very
small pieces; put them into an enamelled saucepan, well covered with
cold water; add a teaspoonful of salt, stand on the stove, and when it
boils up remove the scum very carefully. Add 1 dozen peppercorns, and
an onion and carrot, if vegetables are allowed the patient. Boil
steadily for eight or nine hours; the liquor should then be reduced to
one quart. Strain off, and, if possible, let it stand till quite cold;
it should then be in a jelly, and can be made hot as required. When
serving this to a convalescent a spoonful of rice or pearl barley well
washed in cold water and boiled in either stock or milk may be added.

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Mutton Broth

Chop a pound of scrag end of neck of mutton into small pieces, and put

it into a saucepan, with two ounces of barley, and rather better than a

quart of water; set the broth to boil gently on the fire, skim it well,

season with a little salt, thyme, parsley, and a couple of turnips; the

whole to continue gently boiling on the side of the hob for an hour and

a-half; at the end of this time serve some of the broth strained through

a clean rag into a basin; or, if the patient is allowed it, serve the

broth with some of the barley and pieces of the meat in it.

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Mutton Broth

Remove pink skin from mutton, also fat; have the meat from the neck.

Cover well with water, let boil slowly, cook until meat becomes ragged.

One tablespoonful rice.

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Mutton Broth

Take four pounds of lean mutton trimmings; cut them into

neat pieces; put them into a saucepan; add three quarts of cold water,

one heaping teaspoonful of salt. Bruise, and add six peppercorns, three

or four celery tops, and one young leek. Boil slowly for two hours;

remove the scum as it rises. Boil a cupful of rice for twenty minutes;

add it to the soup, and taste for seasoning; remove the celery, leek,

and mutton bones; pour the soup into a hot tureen, and serve.

Substitute a knuckle of veal for mutton, and you will have an excellent

veal broth.

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Mutton Broth

Put two pounds of a jointed neck of mutton, (cost twelve

cents,) in two and a half quarts of cold water, and let it boil slowly;

skim it carefully, season it with a level tablespoonful of salt, half a

teaspoonful of pepper, and the same of sweet herbs; then add one quart

of yellow turnips, peeled and quartered, (cost three cents,) and four

ounces of well washed pearl barley, (cost two cents,) and boil about an

hour longer, or until the turnips and barley are tender. Take up the

meat on a platter, lay the turnips around it, and pour the broth and

barley into a soup tureen. The broth, meat and vegetables will cost

seventeen cents, and will make a good dinner with the addition of bread;

or you can use the mutton and turnips for one meal, and keep the broth

and barley for another.

Other Recipes

Mutton Broth

The bone of a leg of mutton to be chopped small, and put into the

stewpan with vegetables and herbs, together with a little drop of water,

and drawn as gravy soup; add boiling water.

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